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Astrals have been scrapped, Redeveloping the Mandalas as "Esoteric Martial Arts."

The following Martial Arts were developed by a race of semi-monastic Mutants called the Rhylani, and have gradually spread throughout the outer threshold, as have the Hairless, Large-Headed Rhylani. Their status as Mutants is something of an open secret, and the Wyld Hunt will occasionally target them in spite of the fact that at least one Rhylani is known to have exalted as an air aspect and took the choice of joining the Immaculate Order, and is in fact a frequent participant in the hunt.

Some Dragon-Bloods are eager to learn these new arts, and try as they might, the Order cannot find any Rhylani texts that contradict their dogma. This is because their "texts and teachings" are really mostly nonsensical gibberish and katas that open one's mind to a state where they can wield the mystic powers of the enlightened will. The realm, of course, forbids non-Rhylani mortals from practicing these arts without strict liscencing. This is not merely due to the Dragon Blooded desire for control, but because of rumors of Wyld Mutation.

WYLD TALENTS - Spontaniously developed abilities akin to the rudimentary powers of Rhylani esoteric arts can occur as a result of Wyld Mutation


CORRIDOR OF BEING (Teleportation)



This Is pretty much everything that isn't covered by something else, at least off the top of my head.