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Though all of the Fair Folk are strange and alien, few are as certifiably insane as Hershou the Crimson. In an effort to improve his martial skills, Hershou permamently split his psyche apart by Grace, leaving him with multiple opinions on most subjects. Though he may appear to be an almost supernaturally beautiful and charismatic human, Hershou is as mentally twisted as any other Raksha.

Until recently, Hershou served Nehemeth's whims, if not enthusiastically, at least without any open complaint. However, the latest demand proved too much-seizing the artifact from the Unshaped was a dangerous task, not to be taken lightly, and Nehemeth intended to take it without a fight. Hershou slumped off the role of imperial raksha, and reveled in the defiance of the Anarch. However, Hershou reached the same conclusion as his fellows-the Pearl Court was much too dangerous for openly defiant raksha, especially relatively young nobles such as themselves.

Name: Hershou the Crimson Version: 1 Player: HighPriest Type: Fair Folk Caste: Anarch Concept: Insane Anarch Nature: Gallant

ATTRIBUTES Physical 6 Strength 7 Dexterity 6 Stamina Social 5 Charisma 6 Manipulation 5 Appearance Mental 4 Perception 5 Intelligence 4 Wits

ABILITIES - Indicate caste/favoured with * after the ability name Diplomat 3 Linguistics 2 Occult 6 *Ride 3 *Socialize 1 Thrown Entertainer 0 Investigation 0 Larceny 0 Medicine 1 Performance 2 Stealth Warrior 1 Archery 3 *Athletics 3 Brawl 6 *Melee 3 *Presence Worker 0 Bureaucracy 2 Craft (Glamour) 1 Endurance 2 Lore 0 Martial Arts Casteless 2 *Awareness 2 *Dodge 2 Resistance 0 Sail 3 *Survival Specialties 2 Spears 0 xxx 0 xxx

BACKGROUNDS 2 Artifact 2 Birth (Assumption, Ravishing the Created Form, and Banquet of Crumbs) 3 Gossamer (6/story) 2 Retinue (25 followers, common Raksha, mostly workers and warriors) 2 Style (4 stunt die)

TRAITS Virtues 1 Compassion 4 Conviction 2 Temperance 4 Valor Graces 1 Cup 1 Ring 4 Staff 4 Sword 3 Heart

Lure: Fighting in great battles

8 Willpower

03 Essence 21/30 Temporary 09 Committed

Health 0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, X

CHARMS - Include reference book and page. Seperated by array. Assumption of Elemental Shape (Water) Ravishing the Created Form Banquet of Crumbs

Ox-Body Technique [1x -1, 2x -2 version] (p. 179)

Aegis of a Martial Destiny (p. 200) Antagonist-Naming Technique (p. 200) Thematic Stunting Methodology (p. 200)

Hundred-Hand Style (p. 203) Millipede Mind Style [mutation, 4 pts] (p. 203)

ARTIFACTS - Include reference book and page and stats in the case of weapons and armor.

Wyld Dire Lance

 (as lance) +14 spd, +1 acc, +3/+12L dam*, -1 def
 (as polearm)+6 spd, +2 acc, +5L dam, +0 def

Fey Beast- Appears as a horse sized frog-like being with a thick rubbery hide and a maw of shark's teeth

 Uses Raksha's Traits
 Gills (Breathes Underwater)
 Thick Skin (+3L/3B soak)
 Large (+1 Strength/Stamina, -0 health level)
 Ox-Body Technique (-1, -2, -2 extra health levels)
 -3 spd, +1 acc, +4L dam, +1 def

Samhara Oath

 "My mind shall not rest til I am my own master"- Glorious Hero Form mutation, +1 to Perception and Intelligence, also inflicts some serious insomnia

GEAR - Include reference book and page. In the Wyld, virtually anything required-in Creation, a substantial sum of cash sufficient to purchase virtually anything required

BONUS SPENT 10 Essence from 2 to 3 01 1 Dot Melee 01 1 Dot Ride 03 1 Dot Conviction