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Amriel - Soul of Adamant

Amriel was born from the joining of two nobles. Both him and his younger brother, The Blade of Adamant, remained fairly close over the last century. Both of them have adventured into Creation many times for sport and recreation. As of late, certain alliances required them to both take posts in other parts of Creation. Amriel was formerly a member of the Ruby court, but complications caused him to seek for another place to take up residence.

Currently living in the West, he has found a secluded enough place to keep him away from unhappy members of the Ruby court. Taking much of his time is his crafting of places great and small. He lives to create things of beauty and perfection. He has taken great pride in crafting his great halls of living within his current freehold.

Character Sheet

Name: Amriel (Ahm-ree-el), Soul of Adamant.
Player: FrostFyre
Cast: Ornamental Raksha (Worker/Entertainer)
Concept: Forge Master
Nature: Architect
Court: Formerly part of the Ruby Court, but not alligned as of now


Strength  5         Charisma     7          Perception   5
Dexterity 5 Manipulation 6 Intelligence 6
Stamina 3 Appearance 6 Wits 5

Caste Abilities

Investigation: 3
Medicine: 3
Endurance: 3
Martial Arts: 4
Bureaucracy: 4

Favored Abilities

Performance: 5
Craft: 5

Other Abilities

Socialize: 2
Awareness: 2


Birth: 4
Artifact: 1
Retinue: 2
Gossamer: 4
Style: 3


Compassion 2
-Cup 2

Conviction 3
-Staff 3

Temperance 2
-Ring 1

Valor 2
-Sword 1

Willpower 5
Essence 2
Essence Pool 20
Committed 6


Staff of Tender Harmony</b> (Gossamer Seven Section Staff ***) (Based on the exceptional weapon modification out of the Exalted RB with the Gossamer item stats.)

Spd +4, Acc +0, Dmg +4L, Def +3, Rate 4

Each linked shaft is crafted from metal smelted with ageless gems. Delicate carvings and artwork adorne the colorful surface of the staff. When struck, each section chimes a sound of rushing voices, singing bitter-sweet songs of love and pain.

<b>Robes of the White Moon</b> (Gossamer Chain Swathing: ****)

14B/11L Fatigue: 0 Mobility Pen: 0

The chain links are nearly indistinguishable from ordinary fabric, save it is much more sturdy under the sword-blade. The under-layers of armor are white as the snowy north, and brilliant as the light of the moon. These layers hang freely past the wearers waist and are secured by a white silken sash. The sleeves are long and are tapered to a point near the wearer's hands. The outer layer of armor is colored black and gray, dark as the night's sky, its smoken shades swirl in patterns of depth and beauty, as if clouds crossed some expanse of starless sky. This single outer layer hangs past the wearer's knees, and is bound by by a scarlet and purple sash about the waist.

Unlike the thick, bulky chain swathing of creation, this armor was crafted nearly as thin as cloth itself. Its gossamer nature gives it a feeling of perfection and style beyond any craftsmen could dream of in creation.

For a better example of how it could look...combine the Rohan Scale armor (Lord of the Rings) with the Jedi robes that Anikin Skywalker wears in Star Wars episodes II and III. Between those two, it should be somewhat close to what I've invisioned it to be.

<b>Orb of Fire and Addiction</b> (Waking Circle Spell * - 10 Mutation pts)

Spd +0, Acc +3, Dmg +6, Def +6, Rate 1

Takes shape as a globe of fire on an ivory pedistal, giving light and warmth within the room it is placed. Any creation-born who gazes upon it risks becoming addicted to its warmth and radience. If a mortal becomes addicted to it, he will be driven to return to its presence time and time again. The orb will call out to its victoms, cooing to them with soft assurances of safety and peace. But little would they know that it would just allow for a Raksha to have more access to a mortal for ravagement, or whatever he/she would please.

Assumption of Elemental Shape (Fire) (1)
Shiftless Untamed Beauty (3)
Maddening Summons (3)
Whispers Behind the Eyes (3)

<b>Circlet of the Unveiling Sign </b> (Wyld Artifact * non-shaping combat artifact)

Reflexivley grants the wearer the ability to detect lies as per the charm Judge's Ear Technique (Exalted RB, pg. 185). The circlet is delecatly crafted into small weaves of metal with a single, small emerald jewel which is set in the center of the brow.

Charms And Mutations

Assumption of Elemental Shape (Water) - Cost: 10 motes, 1 gossamer

Spectacular Insanity - Cost: 5m, 1g
Bedlam Masterworks - Cost: 10m, 1wp, 1g

Ill Approving Eyes - Cost: 1m/ 2 dice
Sapphire Emptyness Kata - Cost: 6m

Banquet of Crumbs - Cost: 0g
Ravaging the Created Form - Cost: 1wp, 0g
Oneromantic Conjuration - Cost: 10m, 0g

[Ring Combat]

Flesh Carved World - Cost: 1m/ die

Ordinary Object Conjuration - Cost: 1g
Principle of Worlds - Cost: 3m
Essence Forging Art - Cost: 3m
Awakened Dream Manufacture - Cost: 3m

[Greater Glamour]
Forging the Hearts Grace - Cost: 20m, 1g + 1g/ mutation point.
Forging the Cup Grace - Cost: 10m, 1g
Forging the Ring Grace - Cost: 10m, 1g
Forging the Staff Grace - Cost: 10m, 1g
Forging the Sword Grace - Cost: 10m, 1g

Normal Combat

Base Initiative 10
Base Dodge: 10


[Health Levels]
-0 ■
-1 ■ ■
-2 ■ ■
-4 ■
In ■

Shaping Combat

-Cup x

[Dice Pool] 2 + Ability
[Dodge Pool] 7
[Damage] 2 + Weapon Damage
[Soak] 8
[Health Levels] 4
Entanglement - Spd -1, Acc +2, Dmg +4, Def +5, Rate 1
Milieu - Spd +5, Acc +3, Dmg +2, Def +4, Rate 5
Prodigies - Spd +2, Acc +3, Dmg +5, Def -1, Rate 3
Heart Thorn - Spd -1, Acc +2, Dmg +7, Def +4, Rate 2
Orb of Fire and Addiction - Spd +0, Acc +3, Dmg +6, Def +6, Rate 1

-Ring 3

[Dice Pool] 6 + Ability
[Dodge Pool] 11
[Damage] 5 + Weapon Damage
[Soak] 10
[Health Levels] 6
Raw Will - Spd +5, Acc +6, Def +0, Range 0, Rate 2, Max Per 3 Gossamer - Spd +5, Acc +7, Def +0, Range 0, Rate 2, Max Per 8 Curdling Dream Bow - Spd +5, Acc +7, Dmg +17, Def +0, Range 1, Rate 3, Max Per 6 Cosmos Seed - Spd +5, Acc +6, Dmg +7, Def +0, Range 10, Rate 3, Max Per 6

-Staff 1

[Dice Pool] 6 + Ability
[Dodge Pool] 11
[Damage] 7 + Weapon Damage
[Soak] 11
[Health Levels] 3
Entanglement - Spd -1, Acc +4, Dmg +9, Def +9, Rate 1 People - Spd +2, Acc +7, Dmg +10, Def +3, Rate 3 Society - Spd +5, Acc +7, Dmg +7, Def +8, Rate 5

-Sword 1

[Dice Pool] 5 + Ability
[Dodge Pool] 11
[Damage] 5 + Weapon Damage
[Soak] 8
[Health Levels] 3
Entanglement - Spd -1, Acc +4, Dmg +9, Def +9, Rate 1 Extras - Spd +6, Acc +6, Dmg +8, Def +6, Rate 3 Personal Prowess - Spd +7, Acc +6, Dmg +8, Def +5, Rate 3 Monster - Spd +9, Acc +6, Dmg +11, Def +3, Rate 2