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Step 1: Nature: Choose any from the corebook.

ATTRIBUTES: Primary 6, Secondary 4, Tertiary 3.

ABILITIES: Choose a single Favoured Ability. Then spend 25 points wherever you want; no Ability may be higher-ranked than the one Favoured Ability. Remember national requirements.

BACKGROUNDS: Heroic mortals get 7 points of Backgrounds, as normal.

Mortals choose their Backgrounds from the following Steel and Glass list: Allies, Artifact*, Backing, Contacts, Followers, Influence, Manse*, Mentor, Reputation, Resources, Spies.

Mortals rarely have Artifact or Manse, as they cannot usually attune to such objects, but the possibility exists.

VIRTUES: Heroic Mortals begin play with 5 dots of Virtues. No Virtue may be purchased above 3 without bonus points.

WILLPOWER AND ESSENCE: Willpower begins as the highest Virtue +1. Essence begins at 1.

BONUS POINTS: Heroic mortals receive 21 bonus points as normal, and spend them as per the chart in the core rulebook.

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