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Heartbeat Bloodstream Edge

Signature: This fighting style is unmistakable for its extremely careless demeanor; its strikes and defences are often performed while the warrior's attention appears to be elsewhere. Further, each of its movements is accompanied by a pulse of sound like the plucking of a harp string or the beating of a heart.
by willows
Uncommon Water Chi Style
Artful/Ranged: Curved Blades Only
Default Criticals: Downing, Blinding

The secret kung fu of the barbarian Running Hawk Clan, it's said that this form is trained by blindfolding initiates and stopping their ears, so that they must fight by sensing the movement of chi and feeling the vibrations of beating hearts through the ground.


1. Making Red Cliff :: A Sword from the Sky (1 Silver): You add 2 bonus damage dice to your attack, and increase your weapon's rank by one level (a mortal weapon acts as a Class III God-weapon, &c.) for the purposes of damaging weaponry and armour.

2. Crumbling Walls Crush Invaders :: Knight of the Splintered Lance (2 Silver): You add your Silver Chi Modifier to your Strike for blocks this round, and when you successfully block attacks from minion groups, you may make a Reply!

3. Heartbeat of Mountains :: Hot-Blooded Serpent (3 Silver): When Hot-Blooded Serpent, the monster of the fiery mountains, was slain, its twitching corpse brought the cities Western Altar and Place-of-Shameful-Activity to ruin, and the lava boiling from its wounds covered their fields with ash! You add your Silver Chi Modifier to your Strike and Damage for the round. Whenever you make a parry, also treat it as an attack which doubles its damage dice against a minion group. Such is the economy of your motion! Channel - 2 White: This form lasts another turn!

4. Dividing the Heavens :: Lord Mirror Spider (4 Silver): The god Mirror Spider is said to have bisected the cosmic egg in order to hatch, and consequently he creates Earth-and-Heaven. Copying his act, you remove your opponent's armor on a successful attack, exposing his flesh! On a Critical Success, you destroy it. If your weapon is within your Favored Chi in yards, it leaps to your hand.

5. Leaping Sacred River :: Lady of Precious Iron (5 Silver): Your cut strikes deep into your victim's veins, opening a geyser of bright blood, just as Mirror Spider cut open Precious Iron's throat and hands to flood the seas and set the rivers and clouds in motion. Choose a direction. Whenever the victim spends his Favored Chi, the chi propels a spurt of gore from his wound! This hurls him in the selected direction, one round's distance per point spent. As a free action, he may use a Tactics roll at Moderate difficulty to choose the direction for a single chi expenditure; this Tactics roll suffers from the wound penalty for covering ground. The spurting chi loses its impetus when the victim suffers chi flow loss in that colour, or the wound is fully healed.


Jonathan: Huh, well the only thing I can say is that Tech 4 a rather nasty thing to do to someone with really expensive armor, like Dominion, perhaps instead you could ignore X armor for the attack or round and permanently damage the physical stuff on top of that? It should be the nekkidizer. The 5th tech is also cool, sort of like in the finale of many kungfu battles where the exploding capsule with blood blows the wounded dude back. Probably could use some more stuff on top of that.