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Fodder Boy is teh Ninja

Righteo. Time to put stuff here methinks. I make Exalted-y stuff every now and then, from Charms, to the odd house rule, to Artifacts and a fair amount of artwork, so it's time to start sharing the love.

Any links I manage to get up probly won't have anything at first. Give it time, I'll put things up if I get into the swing of things. Patience, grasshopper. Or something.


Here is where I'll put links for charms and such done by me. Anything from Martial Arts to...well, that's it right now, but in time there should be more.


Here is where I'll stick links to artifacts I've made, likely sorted by Magical Material.

Hearthstones and Manses

A section for the Manses I write up and the hearthstones they produce.

[[[FodderBoy/House]] Rules]]

House rules that I use in the game I run. Nothing spectacular, just little tweaks that make the game work better for me.


The games I'm running, with informative informations, pictures, NPCs, artifacts, custom charms and whatever else I decide to put up.