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All About Me

I'm a very junior Exalted player who needed a place to spit out the ideas bouncing inside his head, and so one day I decided to set up my own UserPage.

Fentian Lieyang is a name taken from an excellent comic called "The Celestial Zone". Fentian Lieyang translates roughly as "Heaven-Scorching Blazing Sun", and many of the MA styles and MA Charm names came from there.


(Still under construction, but I have a LOT of Charm names... All Solar unless otherwise specified)

  • Melee
    • Accuracy-enhancing Charms
      • Shimmering Sunlight Strike (undodgeable melee attack)
      • Fading Light Cut (unblockable melee attack)
      • Single Flash Stroke (LSA-perfect melee attack)
    • Extra-Actions type Charms
      • Echoes of the Edge (effectively doubles the supplemented melee attack, follows RoFD rules)
      • Instant Heaven Murder (applies melee attack to everything in a radius of 100 yds x permanent Essence; elder-level Essence)
    • Defensive Charms

(Most of the good ideas have been done by that watzisname who experimented with HGD effects. I'll add to this if I come up with anything good)

    • Damage-enhancing Charms
      • Arc of Golden Vengeance (melee attack inflicting agg damage)
      • Mountain-Cleaving Stroke (Inflicts horrific damage on one target; elder-level Essence)
    • Miscellaneous Charms
      • Deadly Swordsman Meditation (A refinement of Bloodthirsty Sword-Dancer Spirit; where BSDS made him a raving berserker, DSM turns him into a killing machine)
      • Kill My Weakness (attacks on an enemy transfer your wounds or ability penalties to your opponent. Charm effects not completely defined yet)
      • Continent-Cutting Attack (Character's attack affects everything in a path half a mile long and 10 yards wide per point of permanent Essence; elder-level Essence)
      • Essence Detonation Atemi (Strike that causes a target's soul to literally explode, reducing his permanent Essence, temporary Essence, and causing agg damage)
  • Awareness
    • Sight-based Charms
      • Circular Vision Method (Lets you see in a 360-degree radius)
      • Eagle's Piercing Eye (Lets you see through light cover up to 100 yds x Essence, also lets you ignore smoke, mist and what ahve you. Does not supersede the need for light to see by, and EPE cannot see through anything thicker than an inch)
  • Presence
    • Command Charms (or M&S Charms)
      • I Never Stand Alone (In Mail and Steel, allows an Exalt to benefit from having a phantom force of soldiers (Magnitude = Essence) that supports him. Otherwise, functions as an upgraded version of Phantom Fire-Warrior Horde)
      • The Soul's Roar (Command Charm - allows an Exalt to shatter a unit's morale and send them fleeing)
      • Preparing Two Graves (Forces a duel in Mail and Steel rules; neither side benefits from their men.)

Martial Arts Styles

  • Terrestrial
    • Spirit Sword Style
  • Celestial
    • Shooting Star Style
    • Dual Extremes Style
    • Phoenix True Body Style
  • Sidereal
    • Yuan Yang Dictum - Positive Flare of Brilliance Style
    • Yuan Yin Dictum - Negative Wake of Darkness Style
    • Pan Gu Hun Yuan Dictum - Inchoate Primordial Chaos Style


(So far only names, I'll get to the stats sooner or later)

Milia Reij, Destroyer of Evil (Zenith Caste Solar Exalted, pre-Jade Prison Solar who survived the purge by dint of stealth and luck)

Autumn Rain (Sidereal Exalted Chosen of Endings, ninja masta at large)

Durgan (Full Moon Lunar Exalt, a killmonkey I test strategies on)

Cathak Cinda, AKA "Cindy" (Fire Aspected Terrestrial Exalted, one of an Immaculate sisterhood of three I had in mind)

Cathak Mylinda, AKA "Mindy" (Air Aspected Terrestrial Exalted, second of the sisterhood)

Cathak Sananda, AKA "Sandy" (Wood Aspected Terrestrial Exalted, third of the sisterhood)