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Green: 6-12 feet long, Black: 12-14 feet long
S/D/S 1/3/1
P/I/W/W 2/1/2/2
Dodge 3
Soak 0L/1B
Health -3/I
Attacks: Bite 6/6/1L+Poison/3
Athletics1, Awareness 1, Dodge 4, MA 3, Presence 1 (Intimidation 3), Resistance 1, Stealth 3, Survival 2
Poison: Dmg 10L, Tox 5 Tol -/- Pen -5
Green mambas are an arboreal snake covered in smooth glossy scales colored bright green on a green mamba, and smoky or charcoal grey on a black mamba. A slender head with large eyes and round pupils, black mambas have a slightly wider head and open thier mouth in a threat display while flattening their neck resembling a small hood on a cobra. Green mambas are very shy and will flee humans. Black mambas are much more aggressive and will fight if threatened, rearing up to 6 feet in the air to stirke a human in the face. Green mambas are arboreal and live in all regions of the South and the East. Balck mambas live in grasslands in the Southeast and East.

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