Feather Fur And Scale/Crotalus

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3-7 feet long
S/D/S 1/3/2
P/I/W/W 2/1/2/2
Dodge 3
Soak 1L/2B
Health -3/I
Attacks: Bite 6/6/1L+Poison/3
Athletics1, Awareness 1, Dodge 4, MA 3, Presence 1 (Intimidation 3), Resistance 2, Stealth 3, Survival 2
Poison: Dmg 4B, Tox 3 Tol -/- Pen -3
These snakes have broad heads with small eyes with vertical pupils. The scales are weakly keeled and form diamond shpes patterns consisting of light colored (usually cream) lines on brown. The tail is tipped with a series of interlocking scales which are shaken when the snake is threatened. Venom is proteolytic, destroying cells causing swelling and pain. Crotalus live in forests and desert regions mainly in the East and South.