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Name: Lady Fang 
Age: 27
Caste: Eclipse
Nature: Conniver
Anima Banner: A fan.

Virtue Flaw: Heart of Flint 

XP Saved: 6
XP Total: 64
 Strength     [OOO..]     Charisma     [OOOO.]     Perception     [OO...]
 Dexterity    [OOOO.]     Manipulation [OOOOO]     Intelligence   [OOO..]
 Stamina      [OO...]     Appearance   [OOO..]     Wits           [OOO..]
    Dawn                 Zenith               Twilight
-Archery  [OOOOO]   -Endurance  [OO...]    Craft          [.....]
Brawl     [.....]   Perform     [.....]    Investigation  [.....]
M.Arts    [.....]   -Presence   [OOOOO]    -Lore          [OO...]
Melee     [.....]   Resistance  [.....]    Medicine       [.....]
Thrown    [.....]   Survival    [.....]    Occult         [.....]
    Night                Eclipse
Athletics [.....]   Bureaucracy [OOO..]
Awareness [.....]   Linguistics [OOO..] 
-Dodge    [OOOO.]   Ride        [OO...]
Larceny   [.....]   Sail        [O....]
Stealth   [.....]   Socialize   [OOOOO]
Virtues and Essence :
 Compassion    [OO...]     Temperance   [OOO..] 
 Valor         [O....]     Conviction   [OOOO.] 
 Willpower     [OOOOOOO...]
 Limit         [..........]
 Essence       [OOO..]    Personal: 12/16     Peripheral: 32/38 (6 Committed)
 Artifact OOO (Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers, Orichalcum Breastplate)
 Resources OOOO
 Manse O (Stone of Quick Thought)

Ox body (-1, -2, -2)
Wise Arrow (Add dice to Archery, total can't exceed pool, 1 mote/die Supplemental.)
Sight Without Eyes (Archery Attack w/o Penalty for sight, 1 mote, supplemental.)
Accuracy Without Distance (Makes arrows auto-hit up to max range, 1 mote 1 Will, Supplemental.)

Harmonious Presence Meditation (Add dice = to essence to SocialFayul/Bureau rolls involvinf 1 on 1 interaction. 6 motes, duration 1 hours, Supplemental.)
Majestic Radiant Presence (Enemies must make successful WP roll to attack, 8 motes, duration 1 scene, simple.)
Terrifying Apparition of Glory (Must make successfull valor roll to attack, unless hostile, must make successful conviction roll not to follow orders, attackers get penalty equal to my ess., 10 motes 1 Will, Duration 1 Scene, Simple.)

Reed in the Wind (Add dice to dodge, total can't exceed pool, 1 mote/2 dice, Reflexive)
Shadow Over Water (Dodge 1 attack at full pool, 2 motes, reflexive)

Wise-Eyed Courtier Technique (Understand simple social situations immediately, 3 motes, simple.)
Motive-Discerning Technique (Immdeitealy know motives, 6 motes, simple.)
Mastery of Small Manners (Never make unintentional faux pas, 3 motes, Duration one scene, reflexive.)
Knowing the Soul’s Price (Know perfect bribe for target, 10 motes 1 will, simple.)

Health Levels
-0 [.]
-1 [...]
-2 [....]
-4 [.]

Limit: 3

Native (Low Realm)
High realm

Exceptional Long Bow (+2 Accuracy, max str. 4, rate 4, 200 range)
Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracers (Damage +2, Dodge +3 4 committed motes)
Stone of Quick Thought (+1 to Wits or Dex rolls when speed of reaction is called for.)
Orichalcum Breastplate (Base 8/6 Soak, 0 mobility/fatigue, 2 committed motes)

Combat Stats:
Soak 1/2, 9/8 w/ Armor
Dodge Pool: 15
Longbow: Pool 12, Rate 4, 200 Range, base damage 5L (either +2, +4 double armor, +0 bash, or +0 piercing)
Base init: 7

Bonus points spending:
2 Presence, -2 BP
2 Socialize, -2 BP
2 Archery, -2 BP
1 Charm (Knowing the Soul’s Price), -4 BP
1 Conviction, -3 BP
1 Resources, -2 BP
XP Spending
1 Charm (Terrifying Apparition of Glory) (-8 XP)
1 Charm (Accuracy Without Distance) (-8 XP)
1 Dodge (-6 XP)
1 Charisma (-12 XP)
1 Wits (-8 XP)
1 Essence (-16 XP)


Lady Fang is someone who has worked hard and risen through the ranks to become the SUPREME RULER...of a village with 50 people. at most. She's convinced most people thinking she's important. Which she is because she is, of course, exalted. Everything she got is through pretty much astronomical luck from around there. (The artifacts were randomly lying around in some vault, the manse was found on an expedition about 10 miles away, the village randomly owns some land with natural resources on it...) She has interpreted her good fortune as a sign that truly the heavens bend to her will at every opportunity! Or something.