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Fair Heart Impaler

(also known by names Shintara Sersi, The Butcher of Hundred Dragons, Queen Fair Heart and several others)

Picture: [1]

Type: Lunar
Caste: Full Moon
Totem: Puma
Nature: Gallant (formerly Survivor)

Virtue: Valor
Virtue Flaw: The Curse of the Raging Bull
Essence: 5

Physical 3
Social 2
Mental 2

Brawl (mastered)
Dodge (mastered)
Presence (mastered)
Survival (mastered)

Heart’s Blood (local fauna, described below)
Manse (Sacred Moon Dome, her manse in eastern Am-Herat)
Followers (personal servants attending her every whim)
Influence (Queen of Am-Herat)
Renown (known well among the Silver Pact but no longer admired)
Resources 2 (riches that suit the queen of Am-Herat)
Artifact (Piercing Moonsilver Horn, a moonsilver dire lance whose point digs even through the most hardy armor)

Deadly Beastman Transformation gifts:
Offensive (talons), Defensive (reflexes), Utility (Athletics rolls).
Physical stat at 4 when in beastman form

Heart’s Blood forms: Eagle, cat, manta, giant snake, hybroc, one human female (her former maid whose heart she tore out and ate in a fit of rage – she now uses her form to go incognito).

Hearts eaten during the chronicle: One beastman

Tell: Fair Heart Impaler’s slightly pointed ears, feline eyes and long eyebrows follow her in every form.


  • In her human form, Fair Heart Impaler is a lithe female whose skin and hair worn in a long braid have once been darker, but have miraculously turned more blonde after spending much time with Solars. She wears a tight-fitting buff jacket that has been reinforced with orichalcum alloy and was given to her by her husband, Ziyad. She normally carries two exquisite chopping swords made by the finest weaponsmiths in Am-Herat, but when going to war, she has her first age dire lance, Piercing Moonsilver Horn, with her. Fair Heart Impaler usually hides her tattoos and suppresses her Tell when surrounded by her humble subjects.
  • In her spirit’s shape Fair Heart Impaler is a muscular cougar with pronounced sharp features around eyes and tapering ears that comprise her Tell. Her oft-protruded claws and long fangs have been filed as sharp as possible and her yellow eyes seem to regard everyone as prey.
  • When in beastman form, Fair Heart Impaler is over eight feet tall compound of puma and human, with more of the former. She has great talons of moonsilver that can rend metal and bone as easily as paper. Combined with her swift reflexes and powerful limbs she can turn into a whirlwind of slaughter and carnage.