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Hello hello. I had this idea and I thought I'd lob it at the community to see how it floats.

Basically, it comes in two sizes. The small sized challenge involves four steps as follows:

  1. Person A writes the name for a charm. Nothing else, just the name.
  2. Person B writes the charm, including what kind of Exalt gets it, the requirements, etc.
  3. Everyone cheers.
  4. Person B writes the name for a new charm. Somebody else picks it up. Usw.

The big sized challenge is much the same, but instead of just one charm you name a martial art style (Adjective Noun of Verbiage Style or wotnot) and about a dozen charms, then someone else stats them up and arranges them into a tree.

So... what do you think? To get things started, might I suggest...

Breaking the World's Back