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I'm here learning how to do this mainly so I can update the Thus Spake section, as some of the greatest information I've gotten about the setting came from there, and I've seen little enlightening tidbits slip through the cracks on the WW boards. I've only read 2ed, and (to be perfectly honest) I've not had a chance to ever play or run a game. Ah well, there's still time.

I like reading Martial Arts styles, and I'm entranced about discussion of Celestial level beings - Deathlords, Yozis, Third Circle Demons - whether it's how they're implemented mechanically or characterization for those massive beings. My favorite type of Exalt is probably those mad green bastards, the Infernals; second place probably falls to Alchemicals. Hey, I can't help it that Neph and Holden have been putting out quality splatbooks!

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Haven't really done anything of interest. Check back here if you want, but I wouldn't hold my breath, heh.

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