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Xiotles, the Mask Spiders

Created soon after the Dragon Kings, the Xiotles were a cultured race of arachnids who notably wore their souls outside their bodies as flawlessly beautiful theatrical masks could be calming even to those petrified by the sight of a spider larger than a man. In the time before their exile these masks were fashioned by their Primordial Mother from precious Orichalcum. The Dragon Kings coveted the Xiotles masks, considering all of the metal of the Unconquered Sun rightfully there's and took the Xiotles masks for their own...

Little did the Dragon Kings realise that the Xiotles masks were in fact their immortal souls, without them the spider folk began to sicken and their mother became enraged- punishing the impudent Dragon Kings and reclaiming the masks. When the war came the Xiotles were still in their mother's favor and sided with her against the Dragon Kings - for their transgression they were punished two fold- they were banished and worse still, their immortal souls became property of the Solar Exalted.

Legend says that even in death their Mother protected her Xiotle children, granting them the secret to create new masks and new souls from other metals. To the horror of those that saw them in their glory- many of the Xiotles now wear masks of Soulsteel.

Ny'amen sample Xiotle

Strength 2 Dexterity 3 Stamina 2
Charisma 2 Appearance 1 Manipulation 1
Perception 3 Intelligence 3 Wits 5
Favoured: Thrown 4
Species: Craft 2
Other: Marital Arts 3, Linguistics 1, Lore 2, Occult 1, War 2, Awareness 3, Investigation 2, Resistance 3, Dodge 3
Specialties: Craft (traps) + 2, Thrown (lasso) + 2

Compassion 2, Conviction 3, Temperance 3, Valor 2

Essence 2
Willpower 8
Essence Pool 22 (18)

Followers 2, Resources 1, Artifact 2

MDV: 5 DDV: 4
Lethal Soak: 2 Bashing Soak: 4

Spider Silk Lasso: accuracy 12, damage: special, rate: 1, range 25

Species Traits:

Merits: Material Resonance: Orichalcum, Prodigy (Craft)

Flaws: External Soul

Poxes: Large, Longevity, Enhanced Sense (Touch)

Afflictions: Thick Skin, Toxin, Mandibles (tusks)

Blights: Cheetah's Pace, Enlightened Essence

Abominations: Spider Legs

Backgrounds: 3 dot artifact, Soul Mask


These are really cool (and I never noticed them before, somehow missing them the last time I found your top Darkbrood page). Would you mind terribly if I adapted them into one of my Wyldspan races?

Thank you and I wouldn't mind at all Enchantress

Mind if I tinker with the concept and use it for my own Compass of Terrestrial Directions: Below? I'll give you due credit if I end up putting it up as a pdf of course! - glamourweaver