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Exalted is my favorite RPG, and I got it at GenCon when it was released. Then it simply sat on my messy desk, waiting a few days for the right moment to strike. That moment came, after a friend of mine started reading more than just the introductory part. He almost jumped me, yelling: "We've got to play it! It rocks! I want to DM this game! C'mon, let's play right now! Make a character, I'll think up a plot in the meantime!" Well...that's how I got into The Most Esteemed Fanatical Worshippers Of Exalted (aka, to the uninitiated, as fans).

I've posted from time to time with the Pseudonym of Blackdagger on WW Exalted Forum, but mostly I've lurked for a long time at the WW Exalted Forum, and started watching the RPG.net forum, too, when some of the posters I respected/liked/envied/hated...(erm no wait...just forget that one ;) ) moved on to that place.

In the meantime I've put together a big load of houserules, fiction, artwork, etc., but I didn't realize how much it was, until a short while ago. And so, I'd like to share my work, get critique (hopefully constructive :) and simply listen to what you people think about it.

It'll probably take me a few days before I get a chance to actually share the first of my work, but I hope it'll be worth it :)

-- DustAngel