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Humble Zephyr Defence
Cost: 5m Mins: Thrown 4, Essence 3 Type: Simple
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Obvious
Duration: One-Scene
Prerequisite Charms: Whirlwind Shield Form
The Dragon-Blooded’s throwing weapons spiral around her defensively, imposing themselves between her and those who would seek to do her harm.
For the duration of the scene, the Dragon-Blooded may substitute her normal parry ability with her Thrown for the purposes of calculating her Parry DV. Finally any Thrown Excellencies may be used to further improve Parry DV for the scene, exactly as if they were melee or martial arts excellencies.

An Archery version of this charm exists known as "Fallen Leaves Defence" using Dragonfly Finds Mate as a pre-requisite charm.

Notes and comments

It's Protective Performance but with Archery or Thrown. Not exactly revolutionary, but I've have ideas that expand upon it.