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Dragon-Blooded Resistance Charms by CrownedSun

Rugged Stone Skin

 Cost: 8 motes, 1 willpower
 Duration: One scene
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Resistance: 5
 Minimum Essence: 3
 Prerequisite Charms: Mantle of Earth Invulnerability

The Dragon-Blooded's skin grows hard, gray and rigid -- slowing his reflexes and rendering him less mobile, but providing him with a layer of rugged protection that can even stand up to the Charms of the Exalted. The Dragon-Blooded using this charm can soak Lethal damage with his Bashing Soak, if he was unable to do so before, and adds his Essence score to both of his soak scores. He also gains a Mobility penality of -1, and a Fatigue rating of 2 due to the increased difficulty of moving his limbs. This charm is not compatible with Armor.