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Prince Of The Earth Stance

Cost: 4 motes, Minimums: Presence 5, Essence 4, Type: Simple (DV -0)
Keywords: Combo-Basic, Compulsion, Obvious
Duration: Until Next Action
Prerequisite Charms: Aura of Invunerability

When a Prince of the Earth stands in righteous fury, he cannot be gainsaid. Upon activation of this Charm, the character looks askance at those who would dare to attack her, and they shrink away in shame. Anyone who can perceive the character and wishes to attack her must spend 1 Willpower to do so. If they do not, they shy away at the last moment and their attack fails automatically, scoring 0 successes. Willpower must only be spent once for an entire flurry of actions.

This Charm relies on the observed might of the Exalted. It does not function against any opponent whose Essence rating is higher than the character's own.

Stoking The Fires Of Hesiesh</b>

<b>Cost: 5 motes, Minimums: Presence 4, Essence 3, Type: Simple
Keywords: Emotion, Social
Duration: Indefinite
Prerequisite Charms: Passion-Transmuting Nuance

By taking a strong stand, and demonstrating that the will of the Dragons runs through her, the character exhorts her companions (or foes) to battle. This Charm is a social attack which can be made against individuals, or against a unit with a Magnitude of up to the character's (Essence -1). If used against such a group, it uses a difficulty of the leader's MDV + the magnitude of the unit as usual (if the character is the leader of the group, use the next highest character's.) A willing unit may choose to forgo defense, in which case the unit's Magnitude is the only difficulty.

If successful, the unit is spurred to action, with caution transformed into boldness. All characters in the unit lose a dot of Temperance (to a minimum of 1) and gain a dot of Valor (to a maximum of 5). This effect cannot reduce a Great Curse Virtue below 3.


Note: My Prince of the Earth Stance is balanced based on the changes I made to Glowing Coal Radiance (namely, making that Charm reflexive and resistable as usual for unnatural mental influence).