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Pillar of Fivefold Retroversion

Cost: 10 motes, 1 willpower
Duration: one week
Type: simple
Min. Craft: 4
Min. Linguistics: 3
Min Essence: 4
Prereqs: Dilligent Engineer Discipline, Thousand Tounges Meditation

Without communication, cooperation on all but the most simple of tasks is nearly impossible, and language barriers fequently prevent otherwise simple accomplishments from being started. A Dragon-Blooded using this charm may remove particular language barriers completely regarding exactly one project, goal or subject. Use of this charm requires a single large stonework, typically but not necessarily a five-faced pillar roughtly 8' tall, on which the subject matter, project, or goal is engraved. This stone must be created by the Dragon-Blooded using the charm, requiring the ability to read and write all languages she wishes to freely interact, an existing plan (as described on 245-246 of Exalted core), resources 3 worth of masonry supplies, and successes on a difficulty 2 dex + craft (stone) and difficulty 3 int + linguistics roll. This stone takes two weeks to complete, with extra successes on the rolls subtracting days one-for-one. No more than 5 languages may be present on the pillar.

When this charm is activated, anyone with the ability to read one of the languages present on the pillar who spends approximately one hour studying the pillar may freely cooperate with others who have also studied the pillar for the purposes of the plan described. This communication ability lasts so long as the essence for the charm remains committed, and explicitly does not extend to any subjects beyond the functional necessities of the plan described.

Many-Vane Integration Method

Cost: 5 motes per target, 1 willpower
Duration: scene
Type: simple
Min. Craft: 5
Min. Linguistics: 5
Min Essence: 5
Prereqs: Pillar of Fivefold Retroversion, With One Mind

It is said that in the center the Howling Gardens, one of the abodes of Mela, there sits a great unfinished wind-wheel, spinning slowly amidst the collected winds of the great Elemental Dragon. This wind-wheel has no name, but is thought to be as old as creation itself. It is said that Mela stops by the Howling Gardens frequently to gaze upon it, and will, every so often, add yet another vane to the great wind-wheel. Certain savants assert that she has spoken of this wind-wheel only once, saying: "That which is found will be lost; that which is lost may yet be found."

Regardless of the truth of the matter, purpose of this wind-wheel is a popular matter of speculation amongst many savants. Some say it is connected with the Pole of Elemental earth, and, once completed, will usher in a new age of bliss and plenty for those of the Blessed Isle. Others say it is a form of doomsday clock, counting down the years until the Dragons purge the mortals for their sins. But all agree on one detail: Mela smiles when she adds a vane to the wind-wheel, watching it spin faster and faster.

A Dragon-Blooded using this charm attempts to make himself the center of a similar construction, integrating into himself the abilities of other minds like so many vanes, driving his creative ability far above what it normally would be. He may target a number of willing participants within ess x 10 yards of himself and briefly forge a greater conciousness, using the intelligence, experience, and desire of his targets. This construction is a collaborative effort, requiring an hour of uninterrupted meditation and mental preparation from all participants before this charm may target them.

Once achieved, the user of this charm may roll one die for every 7 dice in each target's int + craft + applicable specialites pool; this pool may include virtue channel dice if the target decides to spend a willpower and channel; it explicitly does not include charm or equipment/artifact bonuses. Successes on this roll may be added to a single Craft or Linguistics roll Dragon-Blooded made in the duration of this charm. If the time taken to make a single roll is longer than a day (such as the case for large construction projects), then this charm must be re-applied every day, although the roll (and virtue channels from the participants) is only made once. All targets act as one entity for the duration of the charm, and are completely focused on the task at hand; any interruption or unexpected injury immediately disrupts and ends the charm.

The integration of minds in this manner is designed to eliminate all barriers betweeen the particpants; the flow of information between is great, and while mostly concerned with the construction, other information also suffuses out. Every character affected by this charm, both target and Dragon-Blooded, will have exactly one secret--as decided by the Storyteller--revealed to all others involved. This sharing of secrets occurs every time the charm is invoked; those involved in long projects together rarely have anything left unknown of each other. Needless to say, use this charm is veiwed as unbelievelably risky by many great Houses.

This consequence becomes apparent to a target immediately upon activation of the charm, and she may reflexively refuse the charm at that time. In this case, motes spent on that target are still lost, and the charm proceeds as normal, presuming there are other willing particpants.

In the far north, this charm is known as the Shattered Dragon's Construction, although the reason for this is not known.


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