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Dragon’s Renewal Dedication
Cost: - Mins: Integrity 4, Essence 3 Type: permanent
Keywords: none
Prerequisite Charms: Oath of Ten Thousand Dragons
Possibly the greatest strength of the Ten Thousand Dragons is their boundless capacity for teamwork and their devotion to their Sworn Brotherhoods. Whenever the character would normally recover one or more points of willpower from stunts or natural recovery, this Charm gives the character the option to recover two of the dice from their devotion dice pool.

Teeth of Ten Thousand Dragons
Cost: - Mins: Integrity 4, Essence 3 Type: permanent
Keywords: Martyr, Dynasty
Prerequisite Charms: Ten Thousand Dragons Fight As One
Dragon-Blooded know that even in death they are not forgotten, that their brethren and decedents will pick up their blade and resume the battle with renewed ferocity. If the Dragon-Blooded who knows this charm is killed in battle then a loyal companion (anyone with an intimacy towards them) or a direct descendent may literally take up their arms, forgoing the usual time and motes taken to attune to artefacts.

Notes and comments

First of all, yes I probably need to word these charms better!

Dragon’s Renewal Dedication is obviously based on Phoenix Renewal Tactic and is possibly a little too similar, but the purpose is of course to encourage players to be more liberal with the devotion pool provided by the Terrestrial Circle Sorcery Sworn Brotherhood Oath.

I suggest adding that weapons don't even need points to be spent attuning the weapons for the scene and to raise the Integrity minimum 4. The first seems fine but I would change it to 2 points restored instead of 1. -BogMod

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