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Extension of Self Awareness
Cost: 5m Mins: Craft 4, Essence 3 Type: reflexive
Keywords: Combo-Ok
Duration: One-Scene
Prerequisite Charms: Any Craft Excellency, Flaw Finding Examination
To the skilled Dragon-Blooded artificer a weapon they forged themselves is an extension of their being, as much a part of their body as the arm which worked the metal into shape.
For the duration of the scene the Dragon-Blooded may use craft excellencies (including applicable specialties) to improve any combat related dice pools or defence values. The effects of this charm are only applicable if she made the weapon that she now fights with.

(Element) Forging Mastery
Cost: 10m 1Ahl Mins: Craft 5, Essence 4 Type: supplimental
Keywords: Elemental
Duration: Varies
Prerequisite Charms: Under Consideration
Craft faster- 1 Jade colour only!

Synergy of Many Hands Method
Cost: 5m per ability requirement reduced Mins: Craft 5, Essence 5 Type: simple
Keywords: Teamwork
Duration: Indefinate
Prerequisite Charms: Under Consideration
Working together as one a group of Dragon-Blooded can greatly exceed traditional limitations and produce items of wonderment.
Each bonus dice provided by Dragon-Blooded assistants (see Oadenol's Codex page 29 for details) may be used to reduce the minimum Craft, Lore, Medicine and Occult requirements to build an artefact by 1. The Artifact must be comprised entirely of Jade for this charm to be effective.

Forging the (Element) Dragon’s Gifts
Cost: - Mins: Craft 5, Essence 5 Type: permanent
Keywords: Elemental
Prerequisite Charms: Under Consideration
Before starting a craft project the craftsman calls upon an insight older than the world and briefly achieves oneness with one of the Five Elemental Dragons.
Listening to these murmurs provides the Dragon-Blooded with the full advantages of Synergy of Many Hands Method (these benefits don’t stack) but only when working with the corresponding Jade of their Aspect.
The Storyteller should limit the craft projects of this charm to those suitable for the colour of jade. Unlike many elemental Charms, a Dragon-Blood can learn more than one version of (Element) Forging Insight but the Dragon-Blood must learn the version associated with her aspect first.

Gaia’s Genius Insight
Cost: - Mins: Craft 5, Essence 5, Breeding 5 Type: permanent
Keywords: Purity
Prerequisite Charms: All Five (Element) Forging Insight charms
For this charm to be possible the Dragon-Blooded must achieve an enlightened state and feel not only her connection to the Dragons but to the life giving energies of Gaia herself. This charm functions like its predecessor save that it lowers the pre-requisites for projects involving Craft: Genesis.
It has been previously theorised that were a Dragon-Blooded to gain a similar connections to other Primordials (such as Autochthon) it could lead to the development of further insight charms.

comments and notes

Extension of Self was inspired by the Avatar episode "Sokka's Master" in which Sokka is instructed in the way of the sword and encouraged to make his own. I also felt that anything which could inspire an Earth Aspect warrior craftman was a great idea.

The other charms on this page may seem out of the league of the Terrestrial Exalted, however it's worth considering the following- 1. Essence 5 Dragon-Blooded aren't common 2. Magitech requires a variety of magic materials- not just jade. 3. Many of these charms only allow Dragon-Blooded to work with one colour of jade for a reason