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Naga v. Cilicia, Wind Fang, Theo

Storyteller The stage is a small town in the 100 Kingdoms. The intrepid band of Immaculate Monks have been chasing down the rumors of vicious Anathematic monsters. They've slain two shape-changing beasts already over the course three monts. The Lunar has been following rumors of foul Immaculates, killing young Lunars before they can get their first lessons. It's early morning, and the sun is rising in the east even as the near-full moon sets in the west. The few streets are yet empty of villagers, and both the Immaculates and the Lunar suspect that they have found the end of their trail.

[Okay. We have one main street with buildings on either side. A two story inn in the center on one side. There are alleyways, etc. All but the buildings are ~15 ft tall. There ARE other streets, if the fight breaks out that far.]

Naga Naga stalks the streets seeking her quarry - she stops and scents the air..

Storyteller The Immaculates gather at one end of the long street. At the far end, a figure raises its head to the air as if testing the air. Naga's head locks onto the figure at the ends of the street, recognizing their scents as those he has long sought. Theo and Cilicia narrow their eyes, recognizing the Lunar. A quick word focuses Xeno's attention on their foe as well.

[I'm going to say 400 yards apart. We may all roll init.]

Wind Fang The Winds' Fang's hands go inside his robes and each grab the end of a shining chain with dragon's heads as he whirls them around in a somewhat inconvenient but very flashy manner as he goes through the elaborate dance and breathing excercise to unite his body with the Air Dragon's breath.

[I activate Air Dragon Form, spend 5 motes, and get 1 stunt die for my activation roll. It works. I cannot regain any of the commited motes, but I look freaking cool.]

Naga Naga's nostrile flair, these are surely the prey she been looking for... without though other then hatred she pulls two target arrows from the quiver at her left hip - thier motion lost in the air as they streak from her bow at the slower of her prey.

[splitting dice action 5 times, and activating Lightning Stoke attack for the two archery attack ( max bow rate ) targeting Theo and Cicilia 12 essence ] [11 suxx, 7 suxx]

Cilicia Cilicia sees her foe unleashing a terrifying attack. In the blink of an eye, she looks deep into herself and sees the fires of her soul. She calls upon their power.... and from without her form blurs and shifts.

[invoke Flame Flicker Stance, 5 motes Personal, gives others a Difficulty 4 to hit her.]

As the arrow connects with Cilicia, she twirls with it. Around her, the air coalesces into a giant Red Dragon's wing. It folds around her protectively before dissipating.

[invoke Fire Dragon Fortitude, 8 peripheral motes, increases lethal soak by 8]

Theo Theo sees the arrow fly at him from this vial creature and grins. As the arrow hits him he focus and his skin takes on a stone like texture.

Theos invokes Stone Dragon-Skin 2m +5 soak and Five-Dragon Fortitude 7m +7 soak. His Starmetal armor reduces damage by 1 wound]


[Damage to Cilicia: 2 dice = 1 lethal, damage to Theo: 1 die = 0 lethal]

Cilicia As the arrow nicks her shoulder, blood trails through the air. She lands softly were she stood. And slowly looks up at the beast. Wind Fang Seeing his comrades under fire, the Winds' Fang shouts a quick "Go for cover!" and jumps onto a nearby rooftop, the throb of his power beating against the fabric of the world. He kneels on the roof, out of sight of the beast.

Wind Fang Ledaal Xeno disappears from Naga's sight behind the inn's walls.

[Xeno activates his anima power and takes his movement action, landing on the inn's roof, out of sight. 5 more motes of personal essence spent.]

Cilicia Cilicia shrugs the wound off... just a flesh wound - or so it seems as she feels minor wound burning completely out of proportion to it's severity. As the burning sensation becomes apparent, Cilicia says, "Poison". She concentrates for just a second as she stablizes her metabolism.

[Cilicia fights off the poison, but takes one lethal and a -2 penalty for the rest of the bout.] [She is also into the -1 wound levels.]

Wind Fang Following Xeno's lead, Cilicia runs towards the nearest building on the opposite side of the street. She dives behind the corner of the wall, coming up out of her roll, she pulls two ornate but short Daiklaves from either side of her belt. As she pulls them out, she traces arcane and ancient runes along the hilts' surfaces. She makes two quick chops: One past her ear and the other following through in a low blow. The air sizzles where her blades pass.Fire bursts in her eyes and all around her.

[she uses her movement and then activates Fire Dragon Form, spending 5 Peripheral motes] [She regains 2 motes for 2 die stunt]

Theo Theo, looks at the cursed Anathem and smiles as he brushes off the arrow. "I hope that's not the best you've got, come over here and play". He dashes to the side of the road to take cover behind a building with Cilicia. Once there he reaches for his Goremaul, the weapon feels good in his hands. He then spins the maul in an intricate kata, connecting his soul with the earth.His body seems to take on an almost rock like appearance as he finishes. Another vermin will soon be wiped from the face Creation this day!

[Theo activates Earth Dragon Form 4m, scene long]

Naga She laughts lightly under her breath as she slides into the long shadows drawn by the dawn like a wind into the trees

[ taking 1 of her 3 saved actions Naga attempts to evade her foe notice by using stealth ] [ regains 1 mote of personal for a 1d stunt]

Naga's brow scales furrow - her this may well be test of her abilities - haltingly - as if something she would not normally think of she begins the movements she learned long ago in a maritla style born of the unity of the dragons.

[activates 5 dragon blocking tech 4 mote 1 wp scene based charm]

Theo Theo moves around behind the buildings, wearily looking out for his opponent. As he moves along he focuses on his weapon and forms bond with it.

[Theo activates Five-Dragon Blocking Technique 4 motes, 1 will]

Cilicia Cilicia follows quitely behind Theo. The secure feeling of following one of her fellow monks, casts her thoughts back to her training days at the temple. She softly intones a chant of centering and in her mind, images appear of the five best postions to block incoming blows. They change with every nuance of the world around her, a continuum of movement.

[She activates Five Dragon Blocking Technique, 5 personal motes, 1 willpower]

Wind Fang Xeno imagines the picture of his opponent in his mind, and then draws his outstreched hand up in a circle. Naga's hair blows around her face, getting in her eyes, ears, and nose constantly. He then strokes his hand down, and in her quiver, Naga's arrows shake and bounce in the wind, making noise. Xeno then jumps lightly across the street to the building above his comrades.

[I spend 2 motes on Distracting Breeze Meditation to increase Naga's difficulty to detect me by 4. I then use my movement to jump across the street, and hopefully she isn't aware I'm there now.] [I regain 1 mote for the stunt.]

Syoryteller As Xeno leaps across the street, his attention is drawn to two things. One, the foul Anatham is turning to examine her quiver as she creeps through the shadows. She is on the side of the street to which Xeno has just leaped. Two, a window opens on the side of the street Xeno just left, and a child's face peeps over the sill.

[Cilicia uses Flash Fire Techniqe, 3m personal]

Wind Fang Xeno leans over the side of the building and calls down lightly to his comrades, "This side, same distance." Then, attempting to evade the notice of the child across the street, He takes a 54 yard leap towards where he saw the woman, his robes billowing out behind him. The child would gasp if he saw Xeno, for in the sun's first rays he appears angelic, flying headfirst into the early morning. As he floats above the rooftops, he closes his eyes and harmonizes his being with the air blowing past his face and bald head.

[Movement, Air Dragon Sight, 3 motes personal.] [2 motes recovered for stunt.]

Theo Theo continues to move cautiously along in the direction his comrade Xeno indicated. HeÅfll yet find this sank.He concentrates on his essence, setting his most powerful defense in place. He crackles with the power of Defense-From-The Anathema Method. Let the snake come now he is ready!

[Theo activates Defense-From-The Anathema Method 6 motes peripheral, 1 will]

Naga Notices Ledaal Xenon from the glint of sun light off his shaved head - two arrows spring to her hand from over her shoulder, her bow bending almost before her finger touch the string - light rays of morning sunlight they pierce the Air.

[splits her dice action for the turn taking 2 shots at ledaal xeno and holding her third]

Wind Fang Somewhere in the far north, the Air Dragon dreamed of the great difficulty it took to hit snow. The wind blew it about, and the very draft from one attack blew the snow about, making it harder to hit the second time. So the air blew Xeno in a flightly pattern as his limbs extended and retracted, blowing lightly out of the way of the silvery ire of his foe. He floated down like the snow the Dragon he emulated dreamt of, landing lightly on the rooftop, and Xeno opened his eyes thinking of snow.


[Both arrows strike in midair, 1st for 5 suc and for 3 suc.]

Wind Fang

[recovers 1 mote of personal from stunt]

Storyteller 1st strike: 9 dice =4L

2nd strike: 7 dice = 1L

Cilicia Cilicia, challenged like never before, mutters to herself, "We must put a stop to this fiend. There are innocent lives at stake." She sprints down the backside of the buildings, looking back into the main street as she passes each building....expecting to see the monstrosity.

[she runs a full 35 yards, using her full sprinting action]


[taking her last action naga move further back between the towns buildings, and attempts to disappear from view from xeno]


[We stand thus: Naga stands ~250 yards from Xeno in the street. Theo is ~285 yards from Naga in the space between the buildings, and Cilicia is ~265 yards from Naga in the same space.] [Cilicia has taken two lethal wound levels and is under the effect of some poison. Xeno has taken five would levels.]

  • Note: Naga had 1 suxx on the stealth to hide from Xeno.