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The World of Martial Arts



[#NellensPakisi] Nellens Pakisi

Born and Exalted in Grey Falls, Pakisi was in training to be a MA fighter in her home city when House Nellens adopted her. Choosing the Coin over the Razor, she quickly rose through the ranks as being one of the best archery commanders in the legions. After leaving the legions, Pakisi choose to teach at the House of Bells. Here she followed her life long love of MA. To her disappointment, she could find no archery based TMA. So she developed Flying Thorn Style herself and created a secret society at the school around the study of it.

Pakisi is the hard-ass that only her students can love. She has been known to make her students work for days on end without a single break or food. It's not been unheard of for her students to pass out during one of their classes at the House of Bells simply because they'd rather take the punishment from their teachers then from her. But doing well has it's rewards as well. Those prodicient in the style go on hunting raids with her into the Threshold during breaks.

[#HannaRed] Hanna the Red Eyes (RY176-RY253)

Destinied to be an astrologer from birth, Hanna one day had had enough of the deaths of her fellows and went to the god of the red sand outside Kris in Varang. She begged the god to allow her to wield her own essence. After several days and in exchange of a few favors, Hanna was able to use her own essence. From that point forward, her eyes were as red as the sand that the god was over.

According to legend, on her way from Kris to Yane, she went on a vision quest for several months. When she finally arrived at Yane, she was a Martial Arts Master armed with a style no one had seen before. She called it Prophesy Style because of the way that Martial Artists who practiced this style seemed to fast and well hidden, almost as if they could predict their opponent's actions.

The truth is is that that was no vision quest Hanna had gone on. She was being trained by a Sidereal named Lupo who had developed the style and had helped lead her to the decision to beg the god.





[#Barbed] The Barbed Arrows

Type: Realm Secondary School Secret Society, House Of Bells
Style: Flying Thorn Style (Wood Aspected, Custom, Still being created)
Sifu: Nellens Pakisi
Dojo: An Underground Archery range in the House of Bells

The tales of this group exploits generally describe thousands of men simply because few mortals believe that even dragonbloods can accomplish so much with less then 50 Princes of the Earth. Being taught at the House of Bells, Sifu Pakisi hand picks each new member. Everyone of them is an archer and each knows the value in relying on others. Long training sessions followed up with lavish hunting parties during the school year breaks and treating each member of the orginization as an equal, regardless of background, is one of the ways that Pakisi has created a strong brotherhood among the members.

(This belongs with the style)
This style emphasized teamwork and cooperation by having the effects increase by the those in a coordinated attack. This style purely offensive. As such, students of this style depend greatly on their armor. This style may be practiced in any type of armor.

Those in Future's Defense

Type: Paramilitary
Style: Prophesy Style (Unaspected Terresterial, Custom, Still under Development)
Sifu: Various
Dojo: Various Halls of the Varange Society of Wonders Untold

Hidden from the Realm in plain view is a tool of the Sidereals. The Varang Society of Wonders Untold is the largest recognized orginization (by the varang city-states) that predicts the futures of those in their lands. The Society has two wings, those of the Future-Seers, who learn to unlock their essence to practice their thaumaturgy and see in the future, and "Those in Future's Defense".

Those in Future's Defense was started by Hanna the Red Eyes after a rash of deaths among the Future-Seers and taught others how to practice Prophesy Style. TiFD is the military wing of the Society. Whereever one of the Future-Seers go, he is accompanied by no less then two defenders. Both of them a short distance behind and in plain clothes. Those chosen to defend the Future-Seers have learned at least the Form Charm since it allows them to go unnoticed by those not using some type of magical enhancement to searches or are not actively looking for specificly that person. It also gives a bonus against being noticed by those specificly for them or magical enhanced detection as well as regaining surprise.

Lupo had created the Varang Society of Wonders Untold to assist in his efforts with the Southrn Confrence. As it turned out, the society had turned out many secrets that even sidereal prophesy had missed. To what extent it was able to see into the future is a mystery to all except Lupo. But creating Those in Future's Defense has gone a long way to make sure that the Bronze Faction and their Dragon Blooded minions do not find out.

(belongs with the style)
The style has notable similarities to a Violet Bier of Sorrows Style, since it's designer used it elements from it when designing this unaspected Terresterial style. The form weapons are kamas, sickles, scythes. The use of farming implents as the style's form weapons allows the members to blend in with other farmers. As such, this style does not allow the use of armor.