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New to the Wiki. Well, sort of. Long time lurker. I should be posting stuff later when I get home. Unfortunately, I don't have the PG or Sidereals yet though, so I'm not up to date on everything. I should be getting Sids next week though ;_;

I _really_ like the Lunars. I'm a big Lunar fangirl. I'll post some of my custom stuff when I get home. ^_^

I've got a couple Lunar characters, but our games never lest long enough for them to get much experience. I wish our ST wasn't so flighty. I'd ST but I actually want to -PLAY-. *_* I used to ST a bunch, but then I became the 'group ST' and never got to play, so I quit for a while. Now it looks like if I want a long game I'll have to run it myself. *sigh*