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Name: Ravhat Shan\\ Caste: Zenith\\ Nature: Explorer\\ Anima: A beautiful, impassive woman with great feathered wings\\ Concept: Wandering Holy Woman\\

Attributes:\\ Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3\\ Charisma 4, Manipulation 3, Appearance 4\\ Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 2

Caste Abilities:\\ Endurance 3, Performance 3 (Flute +1, Oration +1), Presence 4, Resistance 2, Survival 3\\ Favored Abilities:\\ Athletics 4, Brawl 4 (Tiger Claws +2), Dodge 3, Lore 2, Sail 2\\ Other Abilities:\\ Awareness 1, Occult 2, Linguistics 2 (Native: Seatongue, Riverspeak, Old Realm)

Backgrounds: Artifact 2, Contacts (Guild) 1, Familiar 3, Resources 1

Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 3, Temperance 3, Valor 2\\ Virtue Flaw: Heart of Flint (Conviction)

Willpower: 6\\ Health: -0,-1,-1,-1,-2,-2,-2,-2,-4,Incap\\ Essence: 2\\ Essence pool: 12/27(30)\\ Experience: 0 (23 earned total)


  • Athletics\\

Graceful Crane Stance, Increasing Strength Exercise

  • Brawl\\

Ferocious Jab

  • Dodge\\

Reed in the Wind

  • Endurance\\

Ox-Body Technique (-1 -2 -2)

  • Occult\\

Spirit-Detecting Glance, Spirit-Cutting Attack

  • Performance\\

Masterful Performance Exercise

  • Presence\\

Harmonious Presence Meditation, Listener-Swaying Argument

  • Resistance\\

Durability of Oak Meditation, Iron Skin Concentration

  • Survival\\

Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit

Familiar: Raven (5/5 Essence)\\ Artifact: Shield Bracer (-1 melee successes, -2 shooting successes, Com 3)\\ Equipment: Excellent Tiger Claws (Speed -2, Accuracy +0, Damage +3L, Parry +0)

Combat:\\ Base initiative: 6\\ Soak: 3B/1L/0A (unarmored)\\ Dodge: 7\\ Attacks:\\ Tiger Claws: Spd 4, Acc 10, Dmg 5L, Def 10\\ Bare Hands: Spd 6, Acc 8, Dmg 2B, Def 8

Character Description

Ravhat originally hails from a small island in The Neck, and her Western ancestry shows. In her late 20's, she has deep bronze skin, dark blue-green hair (which is waist-length and usually worn in a single rough braid) and pale eyes the color of the sea. She has a thin, angular face with a long straight nose, high cheekbones, and slightly slanted, almond-shaped eyes. On her home island, there are tales of Nymph blood in her family, but Ravhat cannot attest to whether or not they are true. She usually wears loose trousers gathered at the heel, a knee-length tunic of pale green or blue fabric, and sandals, along with her traveling pack. Her tiger claws use a glove and strap assembly rather like a khatar, so they leave her hands free.

Ravhat's childhood was not happy. Her father's ship was lost at sea while she was quite young, and her mother, although not unkind, was far too busy working to give her the emotional support she and her brothers and sisters needed. From adolescence on, she spent much of her time engaged in solitary fishing and practice on her flute. She also spent many hours in the company of the island's wise man, where she learned all of what little he had to teach about the mystic world around her. Despite the insights he gave her about the world, she was always restless, feeling that something was missing from her life; that something more was waiting for her, even searching for her, if she could just find it. As soon as she was old enough to work for passage on one of the Guild's trading ships to the Realm, she took the chance.

During her months aboard ship, she learned many of the talents that serve her so well today, including leadership and fighting skills (which also saw much use during her travels in the rugged South). She also had a chance to form some ties with the Guild, which she still maintains - the fact that she occasionally brings in valuable finds from her travels makes this easier. Her ship traveled via Arluf to The Lap, where she took her leave of it (although the captain was sorry to see her go; she had risen to an able first mate during the voyage) and began her solitary travels, performing for money in the towns and cities and living on her own until the next, always searching for that elusive something, and often turning up bits of old knowledge and lore.

It was after five years of lonely wandering through the harsh climate of the Southlands that she was Exalted. She had become lost and run out of water and was near death when the Unconquered Sun gave her His message in a wordless rush of joy and wonder, and gave her the first of the knowledge and power she needed to truly survive on her own. She wandered (or was led) to a small barrow in the scrublands south of Thorns, which was miraculously untouched - it was that of one of her previous incarnations, and it was here that she recovered her bracers and also was united with her familiar. It has a name which she knows in Ravenspeak, but she simply calls it Raven and it seems content with that.

This was six months ago. Ravhat is continuing her nomadic lifestyle, save that she can make much more money from her performances than she used to - rather more than she needs, as she has always lived rather ascetically, so she always travels with a small amount of savings. She knows that her Exaltation is but the first step on her path to true enlightenment, and she is continually searching for the next small step towards whatever fate the Unconquered Sun has chosen for her, searching for the next tiny clue in the twin mysteries of what she is and what the Unconquered Sun needs of her. For now, her path has led her to Nexus.

Ravhat is naturally soft-spoken and deferential, and prefers to lead by quiet example, although she can sway a crowd when she must. She is not above manipulating others and has never had any particular moral objection to it, although she is beginning to realize it may not be an entirely righteous act. Ravhat's charisma stems from the fact that she always seems to believe in what she is asking others to do, and indeed she generally does. She is not naturally emotional and can be cold-hearted at times, but she is quite capable of joy and sorrow. Saying this, however, she is not prone to sharing her emotions with others, and does not make friends easily - she has spent most of the past 20 years of her life essentially alone. Ravhat is not an intellectual person by nature, and not especially concerned about the distant future - she is secure in the belief that the Sun's plan for her will be made manifest in the fullness of time (of which she is beginning to realize she has quite a lot), and she simply concentrates on the task at hand. For the moment, she believes that the proper course is marshalling the Chosen of the Sun, learning what exactly they are and what exactly the Unconquered Sun wants of them, and spreading the word (as much as is safe at this time) that He has turned His face back to the world. By Ravhat's thinking, faraway dreams like overthrowing the Dynasty and restoring the Solar Deliberative are not only rash and premature, but may not even be part of the Unconquered Sun's plan, and so do not bear wasting time and energy thinking about.

Her typical day consists of waking before dawn to meditate through athletics and combat katas until the sun rises, when she spends an hour in silent prayer to the Unconquered Sun before eating a light breakfast. She spends the morning and afternoon either traveling or working (depending on where she is) before an evening meal and another prayer to the Sun beginning an hour before He sets. Then another hour or two of meditation through physical practice, finishing with an hour or so of meditation through flute practice before she retires.

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