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Mechanical information for using Terrestrial Exalted in the World of Darkness.

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All of existance, it is said, is composed of five elements whose presence or absence determine what a thing is and that ordinary matter contains all five elements. The elements of Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Wood are present everywhere. The Terrestrial Exalted are able to utilize and take on facets of the elements, favoring one over the others, saying that they are merely an aspect of that element.


A Terrestrial's Personal Mote pool is Essence + Willpower.

A Terrestrial's Peripheral Mote pool is (Essence x 4) + Willpower + (Sum of two highest Attributes).

Ability Cost & Limitations (Incomplete)

A Terrestrial Exalted pays 1 mote for 2 dice. They may not buy more dice in this manner than Skill (Skill+Specialty if the specialty applies in the situation). Any extra dice over the limit purchased in this manner are simply lost.

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