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Mechanical information for using Solar Exalted in the World of Darkness.

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The Solars are potentially the most potent of Exalted. Everything mankind can do, the Solar Exalted can do better. However, the curse of their station is great, as even the most willful of Solars can succumb to the madness that comes with wielding such awesome power. Solars, like the radiant sun their animas resemble, can be a catalyst for life or a crucible of destruction.


A Solar’s Personal Mote pool is (Essence x 2) + Willpower.

A Solar’s Peripheral Mote pool is (Essence x 7) + Willpower + (Sum of Finesse Attributes).

Ability Costs & Limitations (Draft)

Solars pay 1 Mote for turn-length bonus dice. Scene-length bonus dice cost 1 temporary willpower and 5 Motes. Dice cost 1 Mote for 1 die in addition to the costs above. If you wanted to buy 2 bonus dice for Dexterity+Brawl for your turn, you would pay 3 motes (1 mote for the base cost, 2 motes for 2 dice).

Example: A Dawn Solar with a Brawl of 3, Essence of 2, and Dexterity of 4 is going to beat a werewolf... with his fists. He decides that he really wants an advantage, so he spends 1 willpower and 5 motes for a scene-length bonus, and pays 7 more motes to add 7 more dice to his Dexterity + Brawl for the scene. This means that each Dexterity + Brawl pool adds 7 bonus dice plus 2 more for Brawl being a Favored attribute of the Dawn caste, for a total of 16 dice each time the Solar forms a Dexterity + Brawl pool (7 Base + 2 Favored Bonus + 7 Purchased).

The maximum number of dice a Solar can add by spending motes is Attribute + Skill. This can be altered by the abilities exclusive to Solar Exalted (see next section).

Solar Abilities (Research & Edit)

Solars may purchase sucesses by spending 3 motes per success purchased. They may not purchase more successes in this manner than the base dice pool they are choosing to affect. You may elect not to roll dice if you have invoked this ability.

Solars may decrease the number of penalty dice assigned to a task by spending 1 willpower as an activation cost, then paying 2 Motes for each penalty die removed.

Solars may spend 1 temporary willpower to add their Essence as bonus dice to one dice pool action. This explicitly stacks with the other abilities. So in the previous example, the Dawn Solar could burn another willpower to add 2 more dice for a total of 18 dice for one Dexterity + Brawl.

Solars may elect to take 1 health level of aggravated damage to increase their dice adding limit by their Essence (meaning the total number of dice they can buy with Motes is Attribute + Skill + Essence) for one scene. This explicitly stacks with the other abilities.

Example: The fight went south for the Solar, as the werwolf's packmates showed up. He managed to get most of them knocked out, but the pack alpha is still up to the challenge and the Solar's not doing so hot, taking a -2 penalty on all his dice actions from being hurt so bad. The Solar decides he's going to end this now. His player burns 12 motes to purchase 4 successes, then spends one more willpower and 4 motes to reduce the penalty to his pool to 0, spends another point of Willpower to add his Essence to his next dice action, and burns a health level to increase his dice buying limit as well as spending 2 more motes to buy those extra dice. He gathers up dice for his next attack, a Dexterity + Brawl pool. The Solar ends up with 7+2+9+2 dice for a total of 20 dice and adds 4 successes to any successes from the dice. This is probably going to hurt the alpha wolf a lot. The player rolls 10, 4, 5, 1, 10, 5, 2, 3, 4, 1, 6, 5, 3, 4, 8, 9, 4, 3, 8, 10, and elects to trade in the two rerolls to recover a point of Willpower (he'll need it after this fight). He has achieved 10 succeses.

Sanity (Research & Edit)

Morality becomes Sanity for Solar Exalted, and functions similarly. Whenever a Solar has no temporary willpower, they roll their Sanity, using the same rules for losing Morality. In addition to the normal derangements gained by losing Sanity (Morality), a Solar automatically receives a derangement relating to his Virtue or Vice for each dot of Sanity lost in this manner. Possessing a Sanity of 8-10 does not provide the immunity to Derangements that would be otherwise applicable to Morality, however. Sanity starts at 7.

Solar Castes (WIP)

Dawn Favored Skills: Brawl, Firearms, Weaponry

A Dawn's anima flare affects creatures vulnerable to sunlight as if it were dawn light. They can also channel essence to appear terrifying to their enemies.

Zenith Favored Skills: Empathy, Persuasion, Survival

A Zenith’s anima flare affects creaures vulnerable to sunlight as if it was the noon sun. They can also banish ghosts.

Twilight Favored Skills: Medicine, Occult, Science

A Twilight's anima flare affects creatures vulnerable to sunlight as if it was twilight.

Night Favored Skills: Athletics, Larceny, Stealth

Night caste Solars can hide their anima.

Eclipse Favored Skills: Politics, Socialize, Subterfuge

An Eclipse's anima flare affects creatures vulnerable to sunlight as if it were an overcast day. They can also sanctify oaths with a binding of essence.

Applying the Solar Exalted Template (WIP)

  • 1: Choose your caste.
  • 2: Note your caste's favored Skills, and pick two more favored Skills. You may not choose a Skill that is already favored.
  • 3: Record your Essence (starts at 2 for all Exalted).
  • 4: Calculate your Essence pools and record them.
  • 5: Spend X bonus points. (X is to be determined, as well as costs).

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