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General system information for World of Darkness Exalted. This information holds true for all the different types of Exalted.

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General overview of the Exalted

Exalted are not subject to penalties for having no dots in a skill.

Exalted do not bleed to death from lethal wounds.

Exalted add their Essence to rolls made to resist non-supernatural diseases.

An Exalt rolls Resistance Attribute + Essence to resist the supernatural abilities of other supernatural creatures when a resistance roll is called for.

Exalted heal 1 bashing damage an hour and 1 lethal damage a day. Aggravated damage must be healed as normal people would.


All Exalted have a measure of how in tune they are with the universe, called Essence. They also have pools of temporary essence which are used to power their supernatural abilities, measured in Motes (short for Motes of Essence). Motes are drawn from a Personal Mote pool or a Peripheral Mote pool. Spending Peripheral Motes determines how visible an Exalt's anima is.

Exalted add their Essence as bonus dice to dice pools that involve a favored Skill or Attribute. Some effects require that the Exalt commit Motes. These Motes are considered to be spent until they are uncommited. That is, until the Motes are uncommited again, the Motes cannot be recovered normally. Each type of Exalted uses a different formula to determine their Peripheral Mote pool and Personal Mote pool. These are based on the Essence and Willpower of the Exalt. When the character's Essence or permanent Willpower changes, recalculate the Mote pools.

Unless noted otherwise, you may not exceed your maximum number of Motes in either pool.

All Exalted start play with an Essence of 2.

Buying Bonus Dice

Every kind of Exalted is able to buy bonus dice by spending motes of essence (peripheral or personal). The cost for buying bonus dice varies based on how long the added dice are in effect. There are two basic cost scales: turn-length and scene-length. Scene-length bonus dice are, of course, more expensive to purchase than ones that are only active for a turn. You must select which dice pool the bonus dice are applied to at the time of paying the motes, and it is only applicable to that dice pool. You must select which dice pool before rolling any dice pool and pay for the motes prior to rolling. You may only purchase bonus dice once for pool, meaning you cannot buy two sets of bonus dice for the same dice pool for a scene. Motes spent on scene-length bonus die are considered committed until the scene ends or the user willingly ends the effect.

The mote costs are different for each kind of Exalted, reflecting their efficiency and innate proficiency with Essence. Although the costs are relatively low, you can only purchase a number of bonus dice through Essence spending up to a certain point. Each kind of Exalted has a different Bonus Dice Limit, restricting how many bonus dice they can buy for a dice pool. This is one of the major measures of power for the Exalted, as some cannot add as many dice to dice pools as others.

Rewards of Rerolls

When an Exalt rolls a number that would normally be a reroll, he has the option of either rerolling them or trading the rerolls for rewards. You can trade as many rerolls as you like until you have no more rerolls in your result.

You may trade one reroll for 1 Mote of essence (player's choice of Personal or Peripheral).

You may trade three rerolls to recover 1 point of temporary willpower.

Finally, you may trade five rerolls to earn 1 experience point.

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