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Disciplines are sets of effect generating abilities for Exalted. They are measured by dots, with a scale of 0 to 5. 0 indicates no training in a Discipline and the inability to utilize anything in the Discipline. A rating of 5 in a Discipline indicates mastery of that Discipline and the ability to utilize all effects within the Discipline. They can be learned by all types of Exalted.

Discipline effects can be combined with other Discipline effects, dice adding, and other abilities inherent to Exalted. The cost for doing so is paying a number of Motes equal to the Discipline rating at which the effect is learned. However, the combined effects must make sense under the circumstances. An effect that makes you faster combined with adding dice to a pool of Manipulation + Subterfuge really doesn't make sense under most circumstances.

Each Discipline is tied to a Skill or Attribute and the effects generated by the various levels in a Discipline are related to the Skill. It is cheaper for an Exalted to learn the Disciplines linked to their favored Skills or Attributes. An Exalted of a type that favors Attributes cannot learn Disciplines that are linked to Skills, and vice versa (except Eclipse caste Solars and Moonshadow caste Abyssals). An Exalted can only have as many dots in a Discipline as they have in the related Skill or Attribute.

Exalted are able to create new Disciplines, though they must first possess at least five dots in the related Skill or Attribute and possess an Essence of at least 3.

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