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Mechanical information for using Abyssal Exalted in the World of Darkness.

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The Deathbringers are the negative images of the Solars. They are doomed to bring death and despair to the living, even when they strive not to. Their curse is to bring about and witness the end of all things. Barring violence or disease, an Abyssal will live to see the death throes of the universe. They are the blackest night to the Solars' brightest of days.


An Abyssal's Personal Mote Pool is (Essence x 2) + Willpower.

An Abyssals' Peripheral Mote Pool is (Essence x 7) + (Willpower)+ (Sum of Finesse Attributes).

Ability Costs & Limitations (Draft)

Abyssals pay 1 Mote for turn-length bonus dice, scene-length bonus dice cost 1 temporary willpower and 5 Motes. Dice cost 1 Mote for 1 die.

The maximum number of bonus dice an Abyssal can purchase by spending motes is Attribute + Skill.

Abyssal Abilities (Draft)

Abyssals may spend 1 temporary willpower to add their Essence as bonus dice to one dice pool action. This explicitly stacks with the other abilities (including the bonus dice already gained from using a favored skill).

An Abyssal may make things more difficult for others by buying penalty dice to add to somebody else's dice pool. It costs 2 Motes per penalty die assigned. You may reduce the dice pool to a minimum of 0 (or the target's governing supernatural trait) in this way, but you cannot affect a Chance roll. This ability may be activated only if the Abyssal is involved somehow in the action being affected.

Example: An Abyssal encounters a vampire that has been making trouble for her, disrupting her glorious work in the name of Oblivion, and decides to sneak up and violently introduce a wooden stake into his chest. The vampire's Blood Potency is 2, so she could only reduce the vampire's Wits+Composure pool to a minimum of 2 dice.

Abyssal Exalted are immune to aging. They cannot die except by violence or disease.

An Abyssal senses ghosts intuitively, automatically knowing if there is a ghost within Essence yards of him unless the Ghost is using a Numina to remain hidden (though he cannot pinpoint exact locations). They can see the ghost even if the ghost is not manifested (unless hidden by a Numina). A Wits + Composure roll can reveal such hidden ghosts, though the Abyssal must roll a number of successes equal to the ghost's Essence.


An Abyssal Exalt is bound forevermore to death and decay, cursed to serve Oblivion. Their very Essence demands it. When an Abyssal willfully acts contrary to this, their Essence becomes agitated and restless, seeking expression. Abyssals call this 'Resonance'.

Resonance replaces Morality and starts at 0. Each time an Abyssal performs an act that would promote life and growth rather than death decay, the Abyssal gains a point of Resonance and must roll Willpower + Essence. If a number of successes for this Willpower + Essence roll does not equal or exceed the Abyssal's new Resonance rating, then bad things happen. The Abyssal immediately takes aggravated damage equal to the difference between the number of successes required and the number of successes rolled. Anyone within a number of yards equal to the Abyssal's Essence also takes this damage, and anyone killed by this damage automatically becomes a ghost whose anchor is the Abyssal (they may have other anchors as appropriate). The Abyssal also loses the same amount of Resonance as aggravated damage taken (Successes Required - Successes Rolled).

You cannot reduce your Resonance through the use of XP. However, an Abyssal may elect to forgo any points of Willpower regained by indulging in his Vice and reduce their Resonance by 1 instead.

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