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Failed Negotiations

Black Jade and Adamant Bracers
Artifact ••••
Commitment: 6 motes.

"...And as you can see these feuds over a failing power source are har-" Utagi stopped as he heard the twang of a bowstring. He spun quickly, ducking the arrow, just in time to see the would-be assassin. Using his natural essence to boost himself into the air at his attacker, knocking him to the ground and pinning him. At that moment the doors to the auditorium burst open and a dozen armed men rushed in. He punched the assassin, breaking his nose and knocking him unconscious. "I guess diplomacy goes out the window now.." Utagi muttered as he made a deft motion and a Wavecleaver appeared in his hand.

Diplomacy is a risky endeavor. The wrong words can alienate a person or group, potentially destroying any chances of a peaceful end. And many times it isn't even possible to carry a weapon into negotiations. As such, these bracers were commissioned by an Air aspect diplomat named Utagi. They function as standard hearthstone bracers, made with an amalgam of black jade and adamant, as well as tracings of starmetal. In addition to the standard functions, they heighten the wearer's senses granting a 2 dice bonus to awareness. But the main feature is the ability of the bracers to create a Wavecleaver daiklave (other weapons are theoretically possible to be created, if specified at creation) for the cost of 1 mote per scene.

Because of the composition of the bracers, there was an unexpected side effect; the wavecleaver gained different abilities depending on what kind of hearthstone is attuned and placed.

Solar: Gains orichalcum stat bonuses, piercing against creatures of darkness
Lunar: Moonsilver stat bonuses, can also extend, allowing it to use the reach tag
Sidereal: Starmetal stat bonuses,
Abyssal: Soulsteel stat bonuses,
Earth: +2 damage, +1 difficulty to resist knockdown and stunning from the weapon, adds half hearthstone rating to overwhelming
Wood: +1 damage, steals one mote from living creatures, constantly poison-coated (stats forthcoming)
Fire: +3 damage from intense heat, sets flammables on fire, -1 speed
Water: +1 damage, +2 defense,
Air: +1 damage, +2 rate,

|| || Spd || Acc || Dam || Def || Rate || Tags || || Wavecleaver || 5 || +3 || +7L/3 || +1 || 2 || O ||


I'm not sure if this is too powerful for artifact 4, as this is my first attempt at creating one. Also I'm unsure as to final bonuses for Sidereal, Abyssal, Water and Air hearthstones. Any ideas and suggestions would be welcome. -Dark-Sidhe

Its definitly not too strong. As it stands it could even be level three. While you do get to hide a weapon you are still wearing clearly magical bracers. - BogMod
Ah, ok. I was just worried that the hearthstone effects added in would overpower it. - Dark-Sidhe