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Regarding Tattoos
Silver tatoos look cool. Lost castes because the Shard has been fundamentally screwed up by the No Moons and the Wyld is cool. This things not being possibly inborn, uncool- as it creates a power relationship which the player may not want.

Fix: A Lunar, upon Exalting, most Lunars manifests a series of Silver Tattos which mark their Caste and fix their form. Powerful No Moon magics have been used to fix the Caste of the Shards themselves, thus mitigating the need to continually reapply new tattos to the newly Exalted.

While most Lunar Shards have this fix applied, some do not. Such folk at the Casteless. Although the same No Moon rituals could be applied (willingly or not) to the bearer of such a shard, this fixes their form- something the most wily and protean of the Lunars may not wish.


Regarding Attributes.
Lunar's basing their Charms and most of their power from their Attributes rather than their Abilities is cool. It's a simple yet effective schtick. However, it also leads to some strange Charm interaction problems, and is hella expensive to raise even Favored Attributes.

Fix: Lunars gain an additional Favored Attribute, which is treated in all ways like a Caste Attribute. A Lunar cannot have any Caste or Favored Attribute below 3 at character creation. At character creation, When raising a Caste or Favored Attribute, it is treated like it's one level lower; so, raising from a Favored Attribute of 3 to 4 is 8 instead of 12, and raising from 4 to 5 is 12 instead of 16.


Regarding the Silver Pact
A society built by First Age Lunars, planning the destroy the Realm is cool. Having only one such society is less cool- especially the emphasis placed on the Silver Pact in the Backgrounds (Mentor and Renown), the whole Renown system, and the Storytelling Chapter of the Lunars book.

Fix: There are dozens, possibly over a hundred Lunar 'Societies', each of which claims to date back to the First Age and before. Naturally, they have various more or less legitiment claims to the truth here, and more or less in the way of material support and training for their members. Some examples of these Societies are the Silver Pact (a collection of over twenty Lunars, half of whom are over five hundred years old- and thus one of the most formidible and influencial of the Societies), the Guardians of the Edge (warders and rangers who ruthlessly destroy any hint of invasion by the Wyld), the Starless Initates (a small Society of Lunars who's totem is that of some form of sea life, who believe in the Sidereals- and that, in the depths of the sea where no stars shine, they are safe from their gaze).


Regarding Shape Shifting
Lunars being able to change shape is beyond cool- it's defining. That Lunars had this limited by Charms instead of simply by Heart's Blood and their internal library was bloody stupid.

Fix: All Lunars can transform, for 3 motes, into any shape in their Library. This grants them the functionality of Towering Beast Shape, Humble Mouse Shape, and Prey's Skin Disguise.


Regarding DBT and the Tell
Lunars have a relatively cheap method of 'hulking out' into a warform that lets them compete against even the Solars on the field of battle is cool. Tying that warform into the Charm structure is not, as it creates a great deal of weirdness and makes one Charm (DBT) disproportionately powerful for it's cost. Likewise, having Lunars harken back to aspects of the old shapeshifter stories of raksha with backwards bending fingers that give them away is cool- but making the Tell a mandatory aspect of every any Lunar who doesn't want to suck in a fight is anti-cool.

Fix: A Lunar has three True Forms- their human birth identity, their Deadly Beastman State, and their Totem animal. While in these forms, they have no Tell.

A Lunar's Deadly Beastman Shape is typically a killing machine, incorporating aspects of both the human and the animal into a horrifying new whole. Entering this warform costs 5 motes, which are not committed. Furthermore, despite the name, the Deadly Beastman Shape need not be a form for War- some Lunars become peternaturally adept at controlling others, or at solving problems, while others simply enhance their native talents in a general fashion.

This warform is constructed with 4 Points and 2 Gifts initally. These Points may be spent to enhance Attributes- which can rise up to a maximum of Attribute+Essence. Increasing Strength, Stamina, Appearance, Charisma, Manipulation, Intelligence or Wits costs 1 point. Increasing Dexterity or Perception costs 2 points. These Gifts may be selected from those presented in Exalted: the Lunars (pg 126).

A Lunar may spend freebies or experience to enhance their warform. They may have no more than Essence x2 bonus Attribute points, and no single Attribute may rise higher than Attribute+Essence. They may have up to Essence Gifts, but a Gift which totally replaces a pre-requisite gift counts only once. Additional Attribute points cost 1 Freebie per point, or 4 Experience. Additional Gifts cost 2 Freebies per Gift, or 8 Experience.

While in the Deadly Beastman Shape, they treat their enhanced attributes as normal.

Most Lunars also have a strange, unique point -- their Tell. To someone who knows of the Tell, it seems very obvious, but to others it hides itself -- even when it should be very apparent. In any case, this Tell is only apparent when the Lunar has assumed a form other than their True one. Full details of the Tell are provided in the revisedDariusSollumanLunarsRevised/Backgrounds.