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Step 1: Character Concept
Chose concept, caste, totem, and Nature. Note caste's anima powers.

Step 2: Select Attributes
Note that all Attributes start with one dot before you add any.
Prioritize the three categories: Physical, Social and Mental (9/7/5).
Note Caste Attributes. Select one non-Caste Attribute to be Favored.
Chose Physical Traits: Strength, Dexterity and Stamina
Choose Social Traits: Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance
Choose Mental Traits: Perception, Intelligence, Wits

Step 3: Select Abilities
Select Favored Abilities (Survival + 4 others)
Choose Abilities (25 - at least 10 must be from Favored Abilities, at least 1 must be in each Favored Ability)
No Ability may be higher than 3 without spending Bonus Points.
The vast majority of Lunars will have at least two points in Survival and 1 point in at least one combat Ability (Archery, Brawl, Martial Arts, Mellee or Thrown).

Step 4: Select Advantages
Choose Background (7 - none may be higher than 3 without spending bonus points), Virtues (5 - none may be higher than 3 without spending bonus points), Charms (10, at least 4 must be from Caste or Favored Attributes), Deadly Beastman Shape Attributes and Gifts (4 Attributes and 2 Gifts; seeDariusSollumanLunarsRevised/DBSGifts).

Step 5: Finishing Touches
Record Essence (2), Willpower (add the total of the two highest Virtues - may not start at higher than 8 unless at least two Virtues are 4 or higher), Personal Essence Pool (Essence + (Willpower x 2)), Peripheral Essence Pool ((Essence x 4) + (Willpower x 2) + (Highest Virtue x 4)), and Health Levels (7, plus any gained from Charms).

Bonus Points
You may spend up to 15 Bonus Points at any step of Character Creation. Bonus Points may be spent in the following ways:

Trait         Cost
Attribute.......4 (3 if Caste or Favored)
Ability.........2 (1 if Caste or Favored)
Background......1 (2 if the Background is being raised above 3)
Specialty.......1 (2 per 1 if a Favored Ability)
Willpower.......2 (Cannot raise Willpower above 8 unless the sum of the two highest Virtues is 8 or above)
Charms..........7 (5 if Caste or Favored)
DBS Attribute...1
DBS Gift........2


  • Full Moon: Engines of fury who survive by strength and speed.
    • Caste Attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina
    • Anima Powers: Spend 5 motes to double leaping and running distances.
  • Changing Moon: Cunning tricksters who sruvive bycunning and guile
    • Caste Attributes: Appearance, Charisma, Manipulation
    • Anima Powers: Spend 10 motes to cloak self in a veil of illusion for a scene.
  • No Moon: Subtle mystics who survive by intelligence and sorcerous skill.
    • Caste Attributes: Intelligence, Perception, Wits
    • Anima Powers: May spend 1 mote to lower the Essence cost of all spells cast for a scene by one.
  • Casteless: Lunars who have never recieved the ritual tattoos which lock their Form and caste.
    • Caste Attributes: Any two.
    • Anima Powers: Varies.

As described inDariusSollumanLunarsRevised/Backgrounds

  • Allies
  • Artifact
  • Backing
  • Contacts
  • Cult
  • Familiar
  • Heart's Blood
  • Horde
  • Influence
  • Manse
  • Mentor
  • Resources
  • Society
  • Sorcery
  • Spies
  • Tell

Experience Points
Except as noted, Lunars have the same experience costs as described in Exalted, pg 269-272

Trait           Cost
Attribute.......Current Rating x 4 ((Current Rating -1) x 4 for Caste or Favored Attributes)
Essence.........Current Rating x 9
Charms..........15 (12 for Caste or Favored Charms)
DBS Attribute...4 
DBS Gift........8

Reprinted from Exalted: the Lunars, pg 92 to 93. Copyright White Wolf Publishing, Inc. Modified by Drew Stevens, to incorporate the myriad small changes made that impact character creation into one place.