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Virtues, Vices, the Great Curse and Morality.

Characters in Exalted still have a Virtue and a Vice as per pages 100 to 105 of the Blue Book. Additionally, a character acting in line with their Virtue may spend a Willpower to add 5 dice instead of 3 to any roll they make, or increase a Resistance attribute by 4 instead of 2.

Exalted characters do not have conventional World of Darkness Morality. This is largely because Exalted is a Kung Fu game, and that means combat will not be an infrequent activity. Instead, they have Excellence- how well they live up to the ideals of the age.

Each type of Exalt has a slightly different form of Excellence; a Solar's Excellence is that of living up to the ideals of leadership, while a Dragonblooded's is that of a soldier's. When an Exalt drops in Excellence, they have a chance of gaining a Derangement (as per normal).

The Great Curse manifests in all the Exalted, but it does so differently for each.

  • Solar Characters gain an additional Vice with each point of Essence they gain, meaning they always have at least two Vices, and can easily have more. Additionally, they have two fewer dice to resist gaining a Derangement when they drop in Excellence. They may gain the same Vice multiple times. In this case, they gain a number of Willpower back equal to the number of times they have taken it when they act in line with their Vice.
  • Lunar Characters, when threatened or insulted, suffer an intense fight-or-flight action; the intensity of this reaction depends in large part upon their Excellence.
  • Abyssal Characters also gain an additional Vice with each point of Essence they gain. However, instead of gaining Derangements when they drop in Excellence, Abyssals gain Resonance. Resonance makes interacting with the world more difficult- it subtracts dice from all Social dice pools except those related to intimidation. Additional, strange effects also accompany Resonance.
  • Sidereal Characters gain the Vice of Pride when they increase in Essence. They have the Vice multiple times, and when acting in a Prideful manner, they gain a number of Willpower back equal to the number of times they have Pride. Additionally, as Sidereals drop in Excellence, they suffer a social form of the Lunar's fight-or-flight reaction; when under extreme pressures, they may 'social frenzy'- either becoming completely obstinante on an issue, or caving to the first thing they hear.
  • Dragonblooded Characters have a fight-or-flight similiar to the Lunar's, but it only occurs when they are out of Willpower and their Anima Banner is fully flared (15+ motes).


Abyssal Excellence
10		Dwelling in or attuning to a Solar Manse (5 dice)
9		Treating normal mortals as something other than tools or sustenance (5 dice)
8		Entering into a compact with non-Abyssal Exalted which treats them as equals (5 dice)
7		Living among mortals for a day (4 dice)
6		Taking a willing mortal as a lover for a night (4 dice)
5		Siring or bearing a child of a mortal; Saving any mortal's life (3 dice)
4		Betrayl of your Deathlord Liege (3 dice)
3		Fighting the forces of death on behalf of the living (2 dice) 
2		Disobeying a direct order of the Malfaens (2 dice)
1		Using or recognizing the use of your forsaken name (2 dice)
Lunar Excellence
10		Failing to defer to a Solar on any matter (5 dice)
9		Being socially or otherwise constrained (5 dice)
8		Remaining in one shape for 3 consecutive days (5 dice)
7		Restricting the freedom of others (4 dice)
6		Failing to guard what is yours (4 dice)
5		Any form of treachery (3 dice)
4		Failing to protect the helpless (3 dice)
3		Failing to protect those your swore to protect (2 dice)
2		Failing to protect your Circle or those you love (2 dice)
1		Choosing a new Totem, or otherwise betraying yourself (2 dice)
Sidereal Excellence
10		Failing to anticipate something (5 dice)
9		Acting out of Pride (5 dice)
8		Failing to defer to a recognized superior in a hierarchy (5 dice)
7		Exceeding or interpretting your orders (4 dice)
6		Acting in alignment with any other Vice than Pride (4 dice)
5		Committing or ordering committed a Celestial Offense of Severity 1 or 2. (3 dice) 
4		Committing or ordering committed a Celestial Offense of Severity 3 or greater. (3 dice)
3		Intentionally and knowingly trying to disrupt the weave of Destiny (2 dice)
2		Acting against the dictates of the Maidens; Betrayl of your Circle or Creation (2 dice)
1		Acting against what you know to be true (2 dice)
Dragonblooded Excellence
10		Failing to perfectly obey your leader (5 dice)
9		Attempting to act entirely on your own (5 dice)
8		Failing to defer to a recognized leader on a matter they consider important (5 dice)
7		Acting against your Virtue; Acting in alignment with your Vice (4 dice)
6		Committing incest; bearing or siring a child with a non-Dragonblooded partner (4 dice)
5		Taking leadership (3 dice)
4		Performing senseless brutality on the helpless (3 dice)
3		Betrayl of your culture (2 dice)
2		Betrayl of your Circle (2 dice)
1		Betrayl of your recognized leader (2 dice)