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Bone & Flower Consumption Prana
The Infernal takes a vow of fasting; he may not eat normal food while under the effects of this Charm. But nonetheless, he is sustained; a handful of some unusual substance, like flowers, glass, soil, vomit, or ground bones is enough food for a day.
Vapor Containment Method
The Infernal stills the motion of his thoat and lungs, allowing him to survive without breath. But he is unable to speak or breathe while under this effect; if he does, the Charm ends.
Overcoming Privation Challenge
Touching another person, or coiling his Essence inside himself, the Infernal halts life's processes. The target of this Charm appears to fall into a deep and restful slumber, but in fact his bodily processes are on hold; diseases do not progress, nor does the target gain hunger or thirst, nor does he age or need to breathe. In fact, the time spent under this Charm does not even count against the target's maximum lifespan, though it will not stave off the fated demise of the Sidereal Chosen. Bodily injury can still kill the target, however, and though he does not bleed, he does not heal. The Infernal must define a condition by which the target can be awakened; no other force will do so. The traditional challenge is this
Someone who truly loves the target must kiss her.
Sustained by Lesser Beasts
The master of corruption is such a superior predator he need not hunt. The wild creatures of a place bring him gifts of sustenance and wisdom.
Tiger Mantle
Wearing the skin of a mighty beast, the Infernal asserts his dominance over all things. He adds successes to rolls for controlling animals, intimidating civilized people, and friendly dealings with barbarians. Barbarian is a cosmological truth to Infernals, not a culturally-defined description.
Muck-Crusted Claw Strike
Adds dice to hunting and Brawl rolls.
Strife Bolt
Infernal bolt Charm.
Grove of Betrayal
Infernal version of Radiant Blight, this fills an area with anger towards an individual, dealing environmental damage to him only.
Eight-Direction Toxicity Concentration (also requires B&FCP)
By refining natural venoms in his own body, the Infernal's skin becomes slicked with an inimical substance. There are different venoms, depending on the Infernal's geographical location.
Stagnant Pool Heart
With this Charm the Infernal learns to contain poison and disease; he becomes filled to the brim with unwholesome things. Mechanically, for a duration after he has taken poison, his bodily fluids are toxic; for a time after he has had a disease, he infects whoever he touches.
Wretchedness-Inspiring Mien
Spreading the corruption of his soul to the world around him, the Infernal stimulates the production of venoms in the living things that surround him. This world only on living things, but it can render meat inedible, sour milk, wilt plants by supporting vile rots, make crops into deadly poisons, and so on.

These are the awesome :) I'd only wish for Eight Direction Toxicity to be an improvable Charm, so that it didn't rely on where the Infernal was. DS

You can use Stagnant Pool Heart to retain toxins from elsewhere; I am considering a Charm that lets you "store" them and rerelease them later. More Bene Gesserit body/mind manipulations. - willows