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Flight of Bloody Wings</b>

<b>Cost: 7 motes, 1 Health Level 
Duration: One scene 
Type: Simple 
Min. Athletics: 5
Min Essence: 4
Prereqs: Soaring Raptor Prana

Channelling the dark essence of the Underworld through his body the Exalt screams in pain as a pair of bloody wings erupt from his back in a flash of gore. These wings are forged from the blood of the Abyssal, and appear either fresh and dripping red or dark clotted black depending on the Abyssal. They have a wingspan that is twice as wide as they are tall and resemble bat or reptile wings. The same Abyssal always produces the same set of wings, a signature of sorts.
While using this Charm the character can fly at a speed of (Dexterity + Essence) x 8 yards per turn. However the character can not fly in areas where his wings can not extend to their full length (including narrow corridors, dense forests and so on). Rules for fighting while flying mimic those printed under Soaring Raptor Prana (Abyssals, page 201-202). At the end of the scene, the character will float to the ground and land on his feet as the wings slowly dissolve away into a red mist.


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