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Myria Kirei

A Beautiful Flower - Her name means beauty, and she has no problem flaunting that.
A Riddled Past - In which a street urchin becomes a Goddess.

The Flower Blooms

Caste: Half-Moon
Concept: Bardess of unparalleled beauty.
Nature: Hedonist

  • Powers:
    • Shapeshifting Mastery: The Flow of Conflict: The Children of the Setting Moon are unparalleled tacticians; No one else is so deeply in control of the battlefield around them. It is their natural gift to understand, and know how to use every little prop in the scenario, every little shift on the ground beneath them, always on the move, always ready to blindside their foes. When entering combat, their bodies shift constantly to account for minor changes in the terrain, to account for every movement of their opponents, constantly giving the Half Moon the edge. The Half-Moon's adds her Essence Score to her initiative rolls at all times.
    • Celestial Prowess: Crystal-Etched Stratagems: The Silver Crystals possess cold and calculating minds, serene like the night they shine upon. Their tactical knowledge is such that a few whispered words, a few signals from their hands are enough to place their allies on the right places, to maneuver their enemies to the wrong places, and accomplish any goal she sees fit. It is their Celestial right to create such flexible and clear plans. Once a day, The Half-Moon may spend 5 motes to instantly make a plan, which includes a number of entities equal her Intelligence; She gets a pool of automatic successes equal to her Intelligence, which can be added to any action on the plan by any of the entities whenever the Half-Moon sees fit. When they are depleted, it is gone until the Half-Moon crafts another plan.
  • Banner: A shifting, muted silver tinged with pale green, as subtle as it is fierce. As the power flares, the scent of loam and fresh grass begins to drift outwards, flaring in to a sturdy oak-like burn at its peak.

Flaws and Merits

Enemy ****

She is a flower both beautiful and deadly, thus she is coveted by many. Two of these happen to be a God of a particular dance troupe that trained her, and a Solar whom could not wrest her from his heart.

Mark of the Beast *
Shadow of the Totem **

Something in her is in herently different. Whether it be her unique tattoo, her blood, or just a mental block, she cannot bring herself to shift in to any animal or human form aside from her totem.

Unusual Appearance *

Long and tapered ears extend from the sides of her head, in place of normal rounded ones. Whether evidence of a God-blooded, Fae blood or simply a quirk, however, she won't tell.

Double-Jointed **

Even for a dancer, she is amazingly flexible, a fact which both amazes and occasionally sickens her audience.


Caste: Stamina 4, Charisma 5, Intelligence 3
Favoured: Dexterity 5, Wits 3, Appearance 6
Neglected: Strength 3, Perception 3, Manipulation 2


  • Archery
  • Athletics 2
  • Awareness 1
  • Brawl
  • Dodge 3
  • Endurance
  • Martial Arts 5
  • Melee
  • Resistance
  • Thrown
  • Craft
  • Larceny
  • Linguistics 3
  • Performance 5 (+1 Dancing)
  • Presence 2
  • Ride
  • Sail
  • Socialize 3
  • Stealth 2
  • Survival 2
  • Bureaucracy
  • Investigation
  • Lore 5
  • Medicine
  • Occult 3

Virtues et al

Compassion 3
Conviction 2
Temperance 1
Valour 4

Willpower 7
Essence 3

  • Personal Essence Pool 17/17
  • Peripheral Essence Pool 42/42
    • Artifact Commit 10

Health Levels


  • Excellence
    • Ascendant Strength
    • Ascendant Charisma
    • Ascendant Appearance
    • Primal Intelligence
  • Tales
    • Phantom-Conjuring Performance
    • Tale-Spinning Mastery
    • World Within Words
  • Attraction
    • Attention-Demanding Presence
  • Natural Weapons
    • Argent Arsenal Method
      • Fangs of the Yggdrasil: Dam 7, Def 2, Acc 3, Spd 3, Rate 6

Twin blades that sweep out from her wrists and forward, ending in wicked points, while retaining full use of her hands.

  • Guard
    • Feline Guard Technique
  • Armour
    • Hide-Toughening Essence
  • Martial Arts
    • Snake Style
      • Striking Cobra Technique
      • Serpentine Evasion
      • Snake Form
      • Essence Fangs and Scales
      • Armour-Penetrating Fang Strike
      • Uncoiling Serpent Prana
      • Striking Serpent Speed
    • Wood Dragon Style
      • Eyes of the Wood Dragon
  • Harm
    • Ox-Body Technique (x4 -2 Health Levels) x1
  • Beyond Blood
    • Laurels-and-Ivy Technique
  • Disguise
    • Hide of the Cunning Hunter
    • Chameleon Skin Disguise
  • Geomancy
    • Curious Cat Eyes
    • Holding the Dragon's Pearl


Tattoo Artifact *****

Kiss of the Yggdrasil
Her body is suffused with Green Jade. She can use Green Jade Artifacts as if they were her natural Magical Material, and all of her Natural Weapons receive its Magical Material Bonus, as well as +2L to their damage. She also receives +4 to her Bashing, Lethal and Aggravated Soaks.

Myria cannot be tracked in the Woodlands unless by a supernatural tracker, and even then she receives 4 automatic successes in her Survival Rolls to escape tracking. She can extend this benefit to a number of allies equal to her Essence.

Myria can commune with the woodlands. With a turn of concentration and a Perception+Awareness roll, she can sense anything in up to a mile in the woodlands. One success gives her vague impressions, with five successes giving her all details all spirits of the woodlands can perceive.

Myria can command the woodlands to strike at those around her,snarling and entangling them. This costs 1 willpower, and a number of designated foes she can perceive receive +2 difficulty to all their physical actions, and halve their movement ratings, as long as they remain close to vegetation.

Myria can cause plants to grow and control their growth. This costs her 1 mote per year she causes a single plant to grow, and she can dictate its direction, although it may not take shapes it wouldn’t otherwise. She can spend 1 willpower to cause plants to grow from nothing in any spot she can see, and break through walls as if they had an Strength+Athletics equal to her Charisma+Essence.

Finally, Myria can call upon the purity of Yggdrasil and its connection with the Elemental Pole of Wood to cleanse the woodlands of any taint by spending 1 willpower to channel a dot of Compassion, and cleansing up to (her Essence x100) yards of any taint, be it diseases, poison, shadowlands or anything that corrupts its Wood Elemental Essence.

Coral Snake Totem *

  • Coral Snake
    • Fangs
    • Toxin
    • Tiny
    • Fur(scales)
    • Might (Dexterity+2)
    • No Manipulators
    • Climate Sensitive(Cold)
    • Dangerous
    • Total: 4

Resources **

Contacts **

Manse *****

  • Gem of One Thousand Heavenly Perfumes
  • Stone of Rejuvinating Passion
  • Blood Reservoir Jewel
  • Jewel of Nature's Blinding Beauty


I must look up and calculate these!


Total: 160
Spent: 160

Dexterity 5
Performance 4
Performance 5
Lore 4
Lore 5

Ascendant Appearance
Primal Intelligence
Attention-Demanding Presence
Armour-Penetrating Fang Strike
Uncoiling Serpent Prana
Striking Serpent Speed
Eyes of the Wood Dragon
Laurels-and-Ivy Technique
Hide of the Cunning Hunter
Chameleon Skin Disguise
Curious Cat Eyes
Holding the Dragon's Pearl

I'll get the costs soon for those.