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Throughout the South of Creation they are whispered about in torchlit villages and silken harem tents, by fearful mortals and the restless dead alike. They are the nagloper, the Ghost Shaman, the Eaters of the Dead. These night terrors are the Carrion Lords, a loose affiliation of Lunar sorcerers who have mastered the necrotic energies of death, the black power of necromancy.

Founded by a triumvirate of ancient and potent elders, the Lords have remained hidden from civilization for centuries, becoming the silent terrors and ravening bogeymen of remote villages and caravan routes from An-Teng to Harborhead. Entire oases have been abandoned for fear of offending the dread Eaters of the Dead. Though much of the legend has been exaggerated over the years, mortals who have truly offended one or more of the Lodge of Ashes seldom last long. Truth be told, most of the Carrion Lords take little notice of mortals outside their oft-times extensive cults.