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Although I still think the Sidekick is the most useful gadget around, it cant seem to send any edited content to the site. Anyway, I'm always available at or through AIM under Canoso98.

To tell you a bit about me, I've been playing White Wolf games since 1996. I remember when Exalted was released I scoffed at the idea and said I would never waste my time on the game. A few months ago a friend of mine properly explained the setting and corrected all my ignorant views on the game. I believe I had mentioned I wanted to run a 7th Sea game but most only wanted to use the simplistic, and now seemingly generic, d20 system that Swashbuckling Adventures presented for the setting. Thats when my friend said, "Hey I know a game where you can be a pirate and do really cool stuff." (I dont think those were his exact words, but its not far off)

Needless to say I was hooked.

So yes, I /do/ play a pirate now, albeit a rather incompotent pirate. And I will be putting up is saga here so it is easily accessible to those i play with, and to hopefully entertain one or two of you out there as well.