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Buzzchilds Page

so my wikis been on the backburner for a while(2 yrs). and what a 2 years for my exalted life! Im gonna leave everythign the same for now, while i consider taking on the project again(which i failed the 1st time around). This seems like the ideal place to deposit my exalted stuff for safekeeping...(the pile is even bigger)

So ya hi! im BuzzChild and this is my wiki...There is some stuff here that is all finished and some stuff thats just a mess. Ive got it all fairly well organised tho so finding your way around shouldnt be that hard. I play with a few friends 1 or 2 times a week(sometimes more)...theyre not on the wiki so ima call them Fatman, Maddog, and Nick(note: that nicks name is almost guaranteed to change). AT any rate hopefully i will consolidate all of my exalted material here for your perusal and finally get all those damned papers organised. Ive got lots of stuff(not much posted yet really) and i would love some feedback. so feel free to come on in take a look and let me know what you think or post your ideas for changes or variations! ~BuzzChild


Posted riot batons!

Created charms section and posted 3 solar charms; 1 awarenss charm and 2 brawl charms!

Finished and posted Kimono of Falling Blossoms!

I added Current projects section on this page!

SO... i added an intro and introduced my friends, im pulling out "the 3 inch Binder of Many Loose Papers" and im going to start deciphering exalted scrawl and translating it into wikitext because i have 2 days off. Im thinking im goign to post the ideas i have for wands and staffs because i really like the idea but i havent actually made them yet :(

Current Projects

Wands and staffs! Martial Arts! Update Games!

All material within is 1st edition

[[BuzzChild/Campaigns|BuzzChildsBuzzChilds Games]]: just a lil info on the current games being played

BuzzChilds Artifacts: i honestly have hundreds of artifacts(slightly exaggerated) but only a few are typed up so this page will likely receive daily updates(also exaggerated) once i get around to typing.I put manses and hearthstones in here as well.
I started typing!Man i need 2 find some hearthstones to post!lol

[[BuzzChild/Charms|BuzzChildsBuzzChilds Charms]]: Not sure how ima organise this page so just a few solar charms for now.

BuzzChilds Combos: to be honest i got excited about one of my lunars (now deceased lol) and made a bunch of combos, made a mess of the wiki by posting them b4 i knew what i was doing....unlikely ill post more just make your own

Buzzchilds Martial Arts: This is where i will post Martial Arts my friends and i have created, as well as Martial Arts Combos. 1 Celestial Martial Art, 2 works in progress, 0 combos!


Feedback welcome. Please yell at me if i do something wrong!