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This page is devoted to ideas for one (or two, or even more) game sessions. Many of these ideas were not originally mine, note.

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The page is a subpage of myBrokenShade/CampaignIdeas section ...

Ideas Still to Detail

  • Natural (or Wyld) disasters affecting mortals (volcano etc)
    • As they are taking the mortals to freedom, they realise one has been left behind. When they get back, they see she is trapped by a fire spirit etc! (time for heroics ^_^)
  • Fair Folk incursions affecting mortals (listless mortals appear in the village)
  • The guild, using (a network of indirect) economic pressure on their relatives etc
    • To force the PCs to work for them? On a specific job, or permanently?
  • Foes that materialise and dematerialise
  • Social Charms
    • ... all the PCs allies turn on them
    • Everyone starts worshipping their ancestors (Abyssal preacher)
  • Fair folk ninjas with glass shuriken that dissolve into essence stealing spiders
  • Meet someone in disguise who appears friendly, but is later revealed as a (known) enemy
  • Barbarian raiders have kidnapped the sister of a PC
  • The local god is threatening to cause a famine if he is not given outrageous new offerings
  • Faeries have been stealing red-headed children out of their beds and spiriting them off
  • Quest to obtain scarce resources
  • Mine collapse ... people stuck beneath the earth
  • In the dark and pouring rain on a bamboo floating redoubt
  • Free the Amber Post Slaves- Attack the Amber Post and free its current slave population. The Guild will pay a bounty for Arguin Cesta, minus the cost of the escaped slaves of course.
  • Escape From the Samikal Fens- Fast paced escape through noxious northern swamp inhabited by fell beasts. Very dark and moody.
  • Rescue a Realm Prisoner from the Imperial City- A mortal ally has been imprisoned by the Wyld Hunt within the Imperial City. The circle must rescue their ally without bringing down the wrath of the Dragon-blooded
  • Ambush a Guild Slave Caravan- Word has reached the circle of a guild caravan en route to a Fair Folk citadel. They must ambush the caravan and free the slaves before the Fair Folk claim them.
  • Destroy a Yozi Cult- A deep cavern in the Southern desert has become home to a festering cult of demon worshippers who are attempting to birth a Malfean lord into creation. The cult must be annihilated to a man.
  • The Nexus Ripper Murders- Horrendous killings have started to take place in Nexus. The circle must find the killer before more innocents die.
  • Night of the Undead- The circle must take shelter for the night in an abandoned wilderness fortress. Unfortunately the castle is already infested with hungry ghosts.
  • Find the Ice Prison- A Lunar ally seeks aid in uncovering his fragmented past. The circle must find a ruined Fair Folk prison deep in the northern mountains.
  • A large bandit army has been marauding through the Hundred Kingdoms. The army is now camped in a mountain pass on the border between two kingdoms. The circle must do serious damage to the army
  • The Infested Manse- The circle receives urgent word from a sorcerous colleague. A demonic summoning performed by an overeager apprentice has gone awry and infested a powerful manse with demons. The demons must be destroyed before they spread to the countryside.
  • Envoy to the Wagon Folk- The circle is sent to recruit a recently reborn Exalt from the nomadic Wagon Folk of the Scavenger Lands. They must gain the tribes’ trust before the young nomad will leave with them.

General Encounter Reminders


  • Too many fights are about survival
  • Rather than have people try to kill characters, have them instead try to steal items (not the PCs, other items) or kidnap people, or conquer kingdoms
  • Work your story in such ways that there are more ways to achieve victory than just killing their foe
  • Toss an emotional high onto that ("Save the girl!"), then it becomes even more exciting

Try to work out interesting events that alter the dynamics of the fight

  • Fires can erupt
  • Buildings can collapse
  • Reinforcements can arrive
  • Someone can be betrayed

Give the players props to play with

  • Empasize the array of tables and the broken glass of the bar room