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Sphere Of Genesis (Artifact 5, Attune 10)


A featureless sphere of moonsilver, it always feels slightly cool and slick to the touch.


Recorded Knowledge: The sphere has a comprehensive record of information in it's area of interest. It can serve as a trainer for Occult, Craft (Water), Medicine, or Craft (Genesis) up to a rating of 5, as well as giving +2 dice on rolls related to such knowledge after a five minute consultation. Additionally it knows a version of every Alchemy and Acupuncture Ritual, as well as the templates for a number of Genesis artifacts of essence 3 or less.

Protean Laboratory: By committing 5m to activate this power, the sphere unfolds into a complicated looking series of tubes, beakers, burners, tanks, and other strange things. This serves as a Flawless Workshop, specialized in Craft (Water), Alchemy, and Craft Genesis.