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Mask Of The Shifting Moon (Artifact 5, Attune 10m) Appearance:

A simple looking silver full face mask with a moon engraved on the forehead, it never seems to be in the same phase every time you look at it.


Protean Mask: An attuned user can cause the mask to change in appearance however they want, including melding with their body so that it cannot be seen.

Shifting Flesh: By committing 5m and taking a standard misc action, the attuned user can create a perfect physical disguise. The attuned user's body actually changes completely to match the desired shape. It is impossible for mundane senses to discern that the disguised person is not who they appear to be. Magical effects treat the disguise as though it had a threshold of ten successes. Only humanoid creatures can be mimicked by this power. Mutations, merits, flaws, etc, mimicked by this power just create the appearance of the issue and not the substance and do not help or hinder the disguised person. Note that Social and Mental Suspicion are still possible here

Shifting Shadow Illusion: By committing 5m and taking a standard misc action, the attuned user may modify their magical nature, changing the appearance of their anima, castemark, or aspect markings however they wish. For Lunar Exalted, they may also make the Tell imperceptible to mundane senses. They may also define a type of being (demon, elemental, lunar exalt, god, fae, mortal, etc.) and, as long as they keep the motes committed to this power, any obvious powers they use are cloaked in an illusion effect to appear as though they were the powers of that type of being. It costs 3wp to break the illusion for a given use of a power and, after four broken instances, remain unaffected until the user reactivates the power. Spending willpower first requires the spender to be Suspicious.