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Mission Records, Set One

20:45 <BrilliantRainST> All of you have been dropped off by various and sundry means just outside the town of Cerulean Lake, where your mission is to take place. you are all standing together in a small copse of trees near the road. Please tell each other what you look like and what you are doing.
20:45 <Xuyiko> (Air Aspect Yomiko Readman- Looking Confused. :V)
20:46 <BrilliantRainST> (Aspect Markings?)
20:46 *Vneef_Vala is currently... a handmaiden. Dressed appropriately. Just a normal, mortal handmaiden. Right. Brunette, brown eyes... really, she's pretty enough, but she doesn't stand out.
20:46 <Devi97> [how do i do the purple text?]
20:46 *Xuyiko* Aspect Markings? :V
20:47 <Vneef_Vala> ( /me *lines go here* )
20:47 *>Xuyiko<* do you have any? and if so, what are they?
20:47 *Xuyiko* I don't know. What are aspect markings?
20:48 <Scarlet_Snow> (Remind me: I'm the handmaiden to who? Is Vala in charge?)
20:48 *Devi97 the young woman, Cathak Dejanira was dressed with style and purpose in mind as always, her Reinforced Buff jacket was snug upon her svelte figure, the crimson silk of her skirt beneath barley going past mid thigh, idly tightening her bicep length gloves, as she had a small smile upon her features, glancing towards the other members of her entourage and her aids->
20:49 <Vneef_Vala> ( I think Xuyiko. Also, Devi, type in "/nick Cathak_Dejanira" to change your username. )
20:49 *>Xuyiko<* DBs, unlike celestial exalts, do not have caste marks. However, the elemental power inside them often spills out into their appearance. Thus, despite Realm citizens usually having black hair, an air aspect might have hair that was white or blue
20:49 <Xuyiko> (Xuyiko, yes.)
20:49 <Scarlet_Snow> (Ah, my bad. Thank you.)
20:50 *Xuyiko* Oh, yeah. Breeding 4, if I recall.
20:50 *Cynis_Folano is dressed how he's always dressed, and looks how he always looks. Medium height, medium build. A heavy, reinforced buff jacket with indigo trim, plated in black jade worked into squared-off wave patterns. A hood, rising from the jacket. And beneath the hood a black jade mask, featureless, smoothness broken only by eyeslits. Hands wrapped in black felt gloves, feet in heavy boots. Not a centimeter of skin revealed
20:51 *>Xuyiko<* generally the higher your breeding the more obvious your aspect markings are. someone with no breeding might just have a white hair streak, while someone with high breeding might have blue skin that was cold to the touch
20:51 *Xuyiko* She's pale, and slightly cold, but not over the top. She could probably pass for an albino with contacts.
20:52 *>Xuyiko<* tell them that
20:52 *Devi97 a older looking gentleman who's appearance pratically screamed 'butler' another, younger and incrediably nondescript, you would forget him the second he left the area, of brown clothing. the Dragonblooded, blinked as she eyed Cynis Folano and , Vala "Soo.." She stated with a giggle, idly crossing her arms behind her head "What is the plan?"
20:52 *Cynis_Folano leans against a tree. A direlance, as tall as him, a pike of solid, unadorned black jade coming to a round, needle point, its entire length engraved by serpentine lines barely perceptible in the stone.
20:53 *** Devi97 is now known as Cathak_Dejanira
20:53 *Scarlet_Snow at the moment wears a modest dress with a rather immodest amount of cleavage exposed. At the moment, her hair is dyed entirely red, bound back and tightly braided to fall to her waist.
20:53 <Cynis_Folano> (--leans against the tree)
20:53 <Xuyiko> Exalted!Yomiko looked over all the people arriving. These are her new team-mates?
20:54 <Scarlet_Snow> She waits politely at her mistress' side, hands clasped behind her and smiling absently at the landscape. She's tall, almost 6 feet, and her eyes are a rather striking shade of silver.
20:54 <Xuyiko> (By mistress, you mean Xuyiko?)
20:54 <Scarlet_Snow> (Correct.)
20:55 *Xuyiko doesn't notice the six foot tall 'handmaiden' behind her. Absent minded girl.
20:55 <Vneef_Vala> ( I was working under the impression that we had worked out the plan as we were on our way here ahead of time, and just didn't RP that out. )
20:56 <Cynis_Folano> "As we worked it out, the plan is this." Folano's voice is soft, but carries despite the lack of a mouth-slit in his mask. "You and I will make contact with Magistrate Joumae, gain his help if possible, and bring the town garrison under our control. The other three will infiltrate the Satrap's stronghold in the method we agreed upon and subdue him, signalling us via Wind-Carried Words when the job is done, or i
20:56 <Vneef_Vala> or i
20:57 *Xuyiko still doesn't notice Snow. She's good at being inconspicious.
20:57 <Scarlet_Snow> (...does anyone have Wind-Carried Words?)
20:57 <Cynis_Folano> "Once the Satrap is apprehended, I will extract the location of his ill-gotten goods, and the names of his confederates."
20:57 <Cynis_Folano> (Xuyiko does. We worked it out.)
20:57 <Xuyiko> (I do.)
20:58 <Cynis_Folano> "And once he can tell us no more, he will be rendered into the keeping of the Empress's servants for trial and judgement. Assuming we do not have to kill him at some juncture, of course."
20:58 <Xuyiko> "I'd...I'd rather we not kill him..."
20:59 <Cynis_Folano> "Be prepared for the contingency. But avoid it at all costs. Our task is not to murder a Satrap of the Realm."
20:59 *Scarlet_Snow smiles and steps up to the side of Tepet Xuyiko, running her fingers down the other woman's spine as she passes to stand in plain sight. "It won't come to that, if we do our jobs right."
20:59 *Vneef_Vala is at Xuyiko's other side, eyes closed in thought, hands clasped behind her. She isn't smiling. Her own brown hair is braided similarly to Scarlet's, and she was careful to have her outfit match the other 'handmaiden's'. "It shall hopefully not be necessary."
21:00 <Xuyiko> "Oka-aaah!" She jumps the moment Snow touches her. "Where'd you come from!?"
21:00 *Cathak_Dejanira "Ah.." Infact Dejanira due to her time with the legions had mastered the capability of sleeping with her eyes open!, idly scritching at her chin. "From what I've heard, He deserves Death rather than a trial."She said with a frown upon her pretty features, her own hair was cut just below her jawline, apparently not absent from the legion's enough for it to fully grow back. "We should-"
21:00 *Cathak_Dejanira she proceeded to giggle at Snow and Xyiko's antics.
21:01 *Cynis_Folano gave no sign of recognizing said antics, one way or another. "Are there any questions?"
21:01 <Vneef_Vala> ( /me denotes actions. Don't abuse it. >:< )
21:01 <Cathak_Dejanira> I'm not abusing it!
21:01 <Vneef_Vala> "We should follow the mission."
21:02 <Cathak_Dejanira> "He's a Rapist, he's a disgrace to every precept the Realm follows!"
21:02 <Xuyiko> "I think we should follow the mission..."
21:02 *Scarlet_Snow shrugs and smiles innocently. "Whatever our mistress wants."
21:03 *Xuyiko shudders. "You know you don't have to act like that until we actually start, right?"
21:03 <Scarlet_Snow> "I'm supposed to be acting, mistress?"
21:04 *Scarlet_Snow 's lips curve into a slow smile.
21:04 *Cynis_Folano leans away from the tree, taking up his lance and leaning it over his shoulder. "His crimes are not for us to judge at this juncture. We have orders."
21:04 <Xuyiko> "..."
21:04 *Vneef_Vala does not sigh, but one not as self-controlled might. At least the Cathak shall be with the other group. "The sooner you get used to it, mistress, the better."
21:04 *Xuyiko sighed. "...I guess."
21:05 <Cathak_Dejanira> "Hnf! Fine, I don't agree with this, You can make note of it in your report, I will not persue vengance, I've read the reports on him, and they sicken me!..But lets keep on moving."
21:05 <Cynis_Folano> "And remember, Scarlet Snow. Our quarry prefers his women unwilling."
21:06 <Scarlet_Snow> "Whatever he wants, Magistrate," Scarlet Snow says, dropping her head submissively before her silver eyes flash up over a smoldering smirk.
21:07 *Vneef_Vala inhales and exhales once slowly, before opening her eyes, and smiling warmly.
21:07 <Cynis_Folano> "Precisely." Folano glances around again. "Now, unless there are further concerns, I believe it is time we set to work in earnest."
21:07 *Xuyiko looked up at Snow. "...You enjoy doing that, don't you?"
21:08 <Vneef_Vala> ( Someone procured a carriage, yes? )
21:09 *Scarlet_Snow looks over from the Magistrate at the Tepet woman and stops smiling. "You never know, do you." Then she shrugs and the smile comes back.
21:09 <Xuyiko> "..."
21:09 <Scarlet_Snow> (I'll buy it with the 40 something resource dots I have to spend.)
21:09 <Cynis_Folano> "Our business is in town, Dejanira. Come." Folano slips the direlance into a long holster strapped across his back and heads off towards the town proper.
21:10 <Vneef_Vala> ( Fair enough. ) "Now, now, Snow. Your teasing is making the mistres uncomfortable. Behave yourself." Not that that smile leaves.
21:10 <Xuyiko> "Thank you."
21:11 <Scarlet_Snow> "Of course, Vala. The mistress knows she only has to ask."
21:11 <Xuyiko> "...R-Right! Of course I do!"
21:11 <Cathak_Dejanira> "Yes Sir!" She snapped a shockingly respectful salute and followed him, her hands settling within the pockets of her Buffjacket, the slighest sway of her hips, idly eyeing Folano as they walked " Should I let you do the talking to this magistrate?" She questioned Folano idly.
21:12 *Scarlet_Snow looks at the Tepet...slowly licks her lips, then turns and opens the door to the carriage. "Coming, mistress?"
21:12 *Xuyiko nods. She gets into the carriage.
21:12 *Scarlet_Snow lets the smile slip for Vala but still holds the door for her.
21:14 <Vneef_Vala> "Thank you, Snow." Vala gives Scarlet a quick curtsey (I hope I spelled that right X_X ) and enters the carriage, sitting on the opposite side from Xuyiko.
21:14 <Cynis_Folano> "That would be best, yes," says Folano. "All signs point to him being a respectable member of the Magistracy. A display of my seal and recounting of our quarry's crimes should be sufficient to sway him to our side."
21:14 <BrilliantRainST> ok, those in the carrage head off to #HouseOfAdamantIce
21:15 <Cynis_Folano> "I will, however, expect you to make our case to the mortal guards of the town. My skills lie in prying secrets from stubborn minds, not swaying hearts."
21:18 <Cathak_Dejanira> " Sheer force of personality? I got that in spades."She said with a wink towards the Cynis, smiling rather prettily towards him " I won't endanger the mission by my personal feelings, I want you to understand that Magistrate." She stated calmly-as calmly as she could.
21:19 <BrilliantRainST> (so, you two heading in to town?)
21:19 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Yus!]
21:20 <Cynis_Folano> (Yes. And seeking out Joumae's home, wherever that may be.)
21:22 <BrilliantRainST> The town is a study in contrasts. You have new looking buildings that date back to the shogunate alongside modern buildings that look ancient. There are clearly signs that there was once trouble here as several of the older buildings are missing roofs and/or walls
21:22 <BrilliantRainST> According to your information Joumae should be staying at the Blue Water Inn
21:24 *Xuyiko* Would they need to use false identities for this?
21:24 *Cynis_Folano inquires with the doubtlessly intimidated townsfolk until the Blue Water Inn is found.
21:25 *>Xuyiko<* potentially. the satrap hasn't been on the blessed isle in ten years, but you never know
21:25 *Xuyiko* But going as some random Tepet wouldn't be a problem?
21:25 *>Xuyiko<* it shouldn't be a problem
21:27 <BrilliantRainST> yes the townsfolk are quite intimidated by your appearance and nervously point you to one of the smaller shogunate buildings
21:27 <Cynis_Folano> Upon reaching the place he looks for anyone who matches the description of Joumae in the mission dossier or, failing that, approaches the proprietor.
21:29 *Cathak_Dejanira tries to look like arm-candy to soften the creepiness of Folano!
21:32 *Cynis_Folano gently, but firmly, pulls away from Dejanira. "We are not under cover, and the more fuss and rumble that gathers around us the less scrutiny the others will face. Do not try to soften our appearance. And," Folano meets Dejanira's gaze for the first time since they set out from the woods. "I will appreciate if you do not touch me again."
21:36 <Cathak_Dejanira> "You get more flies with honey" She stated with a roll of her shoulders releasing her hands from Folano, blinking at him still "Alright Magistrate, I'll unhand myself from your distuigshed person."She said wit ha flutter of her eyelashes and took a few steps away.
21:39 <BrilliantRainST> Upon entering, you find yourself in a large open room, like that of a tea house. The propritor comes over to meet you with a large (and slightly nervous) smile on his face. In passible low realm he says "How may I serve you, O Prince and Princess?"
21:41 <Cynis_Folano> Folano reaches into a pocket of his buff jacket and draws out his seal, an imperial Pentagram of the Magistracy, displaying it clearly for the innkeeper. "Magistrate Joumae stays in this establishment, and we have come to see him. Official business. Where is he?"
21:44 <BrilliantRainST> The manager pales "H-He is not here now. Shall I send a messenger for him?"
21:45 <Cynis_Folano> "That will not be necessary. And I hope it will not be necessary to repeat myself again. Where is Magistrate Joumae?"
21:45 *Vneef_Vala* Yes to compassion, though it turned out to be irrelevant.
21:45 <BrilliantRainST> "He-he went to walk around the city. I don't know where. Maybe the Lake?"
21:46 <Cathak_Dejanira> "You know Theres this funny thing about Fire aspects?..And this place looks awfully flammeable..." She said exhaling a small plume of flame, as she crossed her arms to fold behind the small of her back taking a long -legged stride towards the wall, glancing back towards the Manager , looking horribly wicked at the moment.
21:48 <BrilliantRainST> He is really scared now
21:49 <BrilliantRainST> (though, as the building is mostly brick and stone, it isn't that flammable. The furnature and guests on the other hand...)
21:50 <Cynis_Folano> (I want to roll to see if Folano can detect whether or not the man's lying. What dicepool, do you think?)
21:50 <BrilliantRainST> "I-I'm sorry! I-I cannot tell you what I do know know!"
21:50 <Xuyiko> (Per + Awareness, maybe?)
21:50 <BrilliantRainST> (Per+Inv)
21:50 <BrilliantRainST> (or Per+Soc)
21:50 <Xuyiko> (Ah, forgot about Inves.)
21:51 <Cathak_Dejanira> [She eyes a table then a very NICE looking wooden table]
21:51 <Cynis_Folano> !roll_ww 9 7 ex
21:51 <Cynis_Folano> (Oh, the Lady isn't in here.)
21:51 <Cynis_Folano> (How do you call her?)
21:51 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Um would a presence charm help?]
21:51 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Or..rolling presence to further scare him into coughing up information?]
21:52 <Cynis_Folano> (I don't think we need to get that drastic quite yet.)
21:52 <BrilliantRainST> (roll back in the main room
21:52 <BrilliantRainST> )
21:53 <Cynis_Folano> (Four Successes)
21:54 <Cathak_Dejanira> [..should I roll anything?]
21:54 <BrilliantRainST> This man is clearly telling you everything he knows and is quite scared of you. He seems to know that Magistrates have a licence to kill.
21:57 <Cynis_Folano> "I believe you. Thank you for your time, mortal man. Come, Dejanira." Folano nods to the innkeeper and departs the inn. Once they're out on the street again, looks at Dejanira. "Threatening arson was unnecessary, as well as counterproductive. We are that mortal's rightful authorities, not common legbreakers. There is a line between wielding that authority and abusing it."
21:58 <BrilliantRainST> The innkeeper nearly collapses with relief
21:58 <Cynis_Folano> ('once they're out on the street again, Folano looks')
22:00 <Cynis_Folano> "We are engaged in law enforcement, Dejanira. Not warfare. These are our own subjects. Remember that in the future, and exercise due discretion."
22:00 <BrilliantRainST> (you can roll Per+Inv to find him, unless you want to just walk around and hope you run into him)
22:00 <Cynis_Folano> (I'll roll)
22:01 <Cynis_Folano> (2 successes)
22:01 <Cathak_Dejanira> "It's too nice a table."She said with a glance towards Folano, leaning over to pat it tenderly, as she pratically flounced to follow him "Yes Dear!" frolic-frolic, nodding softly towards Folano "O wasm
22:01 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Enter key <.<;[
22:02 <Cathak_Dejanira> " I wasn't going to really burn his table, It was just to make sure he was telling the truth..Hnf, I'm not used to this kind of work I admit." But it didn't seem like it truly affected her!
22:05 <BrilliantRainST> (well, unless he wanted to look around the village, the only other local places of interest are the Realm controlled Pearl Farms at the lake or he could be investigating bandit sightings in the nearby forests. Though, if he went into the forst, you should probably just wait for him to return.)
22:06 <Cynis_Folano> (Let's go to the lake, if it's not far.)
22:06 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ so you didn't get enough successes?]
22:06 <Cynis_Folano> (I don't know.)
22:10 <BrilliantRainST> (the town is build right on the edge of the lake. It is a ten minute walk)
22:10 <Cynis_Folano> (Then that's where we go, it seems.)
22:11 <Cathak_Dejanira> *frolics after!*
22:17 <Cathak_Dejanira> "are we there yet?"
22:20 <BrilliantRainST> you quickly arrive at the lake to see large numbers of the local populace swimming and bringing up...are those oysters? they're huge!
22:21 <BrilliantRainST> a number of docks extend out into the lake
22:21 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ are their any resturants aside from the Inn here?]
22:22 <BrilliantRainST> there seems to be a large amount of infrastucture on the shore as well, which people cleaning and packing the pearls. Two Legionairs are on guard.
22:22 *Cynis_Folano immediately begins scanning and searching for Joumae.
22:22 <BrilliantRainST> (there are a couple)
22:29 *Cathak_Dejanira made her way towards the Legionaires, smiling timidly at first as she drew towards them both "Hello." =D
22:30 <BrilliantRainST> You don't see anyone who looks like him on the shore, but after a few moments you think you might see someone in the lake who is swimming with the grace only as Water Aspect has.
22:31 <BrilliantRainST> "Hello, Milady." They say in unison, never taking their eyes off the workers
22:31 <Cathak_Dejanira> [for my realm military connections would that be kind of applicable here?]
22:33 *Cynis_Folano spares a glance at Dejanira as she approaches the legionnaires, then walks to the end of the pier nearest where Joumae swims. He crouches at its edge and calls out over the lake in High Realm. "Ledaal Joumae! A word!"
22:37 <BrilliantRainST> (yes it would. just start acting like an officer)
22:38 <BrilliantRainST> he looks up from his overhand stroke and starts swimming over. A human starts walking over carrying a robe and towel.
22:38 <BrilliantRainST> "Yes? You wished to speak with me?"
22:38 <Vneef_Vala> ( he wearing anything? )
22:41 <BrilliantRainST> (he is wearing a loincloth. He is very tall, and rather gaunt.)
22:41 *Cynis_Folano palms his seal for Joumae to see. "I am Folano, Spring Razor's apprentice, and the Empress's business is about to occur in your town. I should like to discuss it with you before events come to a head."
22:43 <Cathak_Dejanira> She executed a quick salute towards them, straightening her back " I'm Corporal Cathak Dejanira of the 1st Cathak Legion, I'm here on some special both fine officers I would like to ask your opinion on something?" She queried delicately, having to sadly look up to both of them, being somewhat on the small side.
22:45 <BrilliantRainST> Joumae "I see. Come with me back to my rooms where we will be able to talk discreetly."
22:46 *Vneef_Vala* "Milady, I think Snow was trying to make... inappropriate advances..."
22:46 <BrilliantRainST> (Actually, you would probably be a leauteanant at the minimum. DBs don't have to spend time as grunts, especially if they went to officer school)
22:46 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Oh i can't remember officer ranks]
22:46 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Lietunent then!]
22:48 <BrilliantRainST> (thus you almost certainly outrank them)
22:49 *Cynis_Folano nods to Joumae. "I will arrive there soon." Folano makes his way back down the pier and heads over to Dejanira. "Find out where their barracks is, and their commanding officer. Then head back to the inn." Message delivered, he heads to the inn himself.
22:50 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Whats the name of that Guy we're trying to get his artifacts from?]
22:52 <BrilliantRainST> (Ragara Laral, the Satrap)
22:52 *Xuyiko* Is activating the Gem of surface thoughts ability noticible?
22:55 <Cathak_Dejanira> [
22:57 *>Xuyiko<* not really, but your target might notice if you use it
22:57 <Cathak_Dejanira> [For the Legionares? *waits*]
22:57 *Xuyiko* How so?
22:58 *>Xuyiko<* I'm not sure, but it says that a target can turn it into a contested roll if he suspects something
22:58 *Xuyiko* Ah, but does he?
22:59 *>Xuyiko<* I'm not entirely sure. He might notice the wind whistling around his head though
23:01 <BrilliantRainST> (I assume you gave them your correct rank?)
23:01 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Yes of lietunent]
23:01 <BrilliantRainST> They snap to attention "Yes Sir? What do you wish to know Sir?""
23:02 *>Xuyiko<* was that botch on your roll to activate the gem?
23:03 *Xuyiko* Hearing the password.
23:06 *>Scarlet_Snow<* you over hear him say the word 'Kuchi' and notice that he seems to have an essence lock unobtrusively attached to the door. Fortunatly, your dear old dad tought you a little trick to get around those, as long as you can get an arcane link to the person.
23:06 <Cathak_Dejanira> "What is your personal opinion of Ragara Laral? Strictly off the record?" SHe queried tentatively nodding at Folano. "May I ask you both to take me to the barracks, I would like to speak with your commanding officer."
23:06 *>Xuyiko<* you over hear him say the word 'saru' to open the door
23:06 *Scarlet_Snow* Ahhhh, excellent!
23:08 <BrilliantRainST> "Sir, Ragara Laral is a decent leader. Whenever the bandits stir up too much trouble, he takes us out and uses his mighty magic to deal with them."
23:09 <BrilliantRainST> "We cannot desert out post, but the Captain should be drilling the rest of the men in the Manse's courtyard right now."
23:10 <BrilliantRainST> meanwhile Ledaal Joumae has toweled off, put on his robe, and started off to the inn
23:13 <Cathak_Dejanira> "Noted, and I understand fully, Thank you both gentleman, You do the realm a great service-Thank you- I admit I'm not terribly familiar with the area? Could you tell me where the manse is exactly?"
23:14 <BrilliantRainST> "Sir! It is north of town, Sir! You cannot miss it Sir!"
23:16 <Cathak_Dejanira> *goes over thar then =D*
23:17 <Cathak_Dejanira> "Thank you both!"

23:16 <Cathak_Dejanira> *goes over thar then =D*
23:17 <Cathak_Dejanira> "Thank you both!"
23:19 <Cynis_Folano> Upon reaching the inn Folano finds a comfortable seat and waits, allowing Joumae to situate himself. Dejanira's continued absence begins to make him anxious, but it's hard to tell anything beneath his clothes and mask.
23:20 <BrilliantRainST> (So, Dej goes to the Manse then?)
23:22 *** Kalga ( has joined this channel
23:22 <Cynis_Folano> (Apparently.)
23:22 <Cynis_Folano> (Why are you wandering off on your own, again?)
23:23 <Cathak_Dejanira> (You told me to find their captain and their Barracks?)
23:23 <BrilliantRainST> Joumae arrives back at the Inn soon after Folano gets there and motions to him to follow as he heads upstairs
23:23 *** Xuyiko ( has quit (Ping timeout)
23:24 <Cynis_Folano> (I told you to find out where their captain is.)
23:24 <Cathak_Dejanira> (- I ask the dudes where their barracks is then....)
23:24 <Cathak_Dejanira> *does so!*
23:26 *** Kalga ( has left this channel
23:26 *Vneef_Vala* Bit of advice, for future reference - keep the games moving a bit quicker. You'll get better at it as you go along. K?
23:27 *** Vneef_Vala ( has left this channel (Leaving.)
23:28 <BrilliantRainST> Tehy tell you that the barracks are also in the manse
23:29 <Scarlet_Snow> (Dejanira, you could probably just sweep back by the inn, collect the Magistrate and both head up to the Manse to deal with them together.)
23:30 <Cynis_Folano> Folano heads upstairs. As soon as he and Joumae are in the magistrate's chambers, he glances around to make sure they're truly alone.
23:30 <Cathak_Dejanira> (Sure)
23:30 <Cathak_Dejanira> *makes her way back to the Inn then!*
23:31 !!! lost connection
23:32 *** The content above is from an old session.
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23:32 <Cynis_Folano> As soon as he feels secure, Folano focuses his attention on Joumae. "Thank you for your time, magistrate. But first, the formalities." Folano focuses his inner sight and locks it on Joumae. He exerts his will, imprinting the Falsehood-Unearthing Attitude on his senses.
23:33 <ShiningSky> Joumae also looks around, closes his eyes for a moment, then nods at you to begin speaking.
23:34 <ShiningSky> "Of course."
23:34 <Cynis_Folano> (5m, 1wp, for the rest of the scene Folano knows whether or not Joumae is knowingly lying. If Joumae knows he's being supernaturally scrutinized he can spend a willpower to shield a lie.)
23:34 <Cathak_Dejanira> *makes her way to the Inn-trying to be as unnoticeable as possibly past the Inn Keeper! regretting her threatening of his table earlier-Despite how awesome it was! she was making her way up the stairs and would linger in the hallway, leaning up agaisnt a wall and genereally looking hot.
23:35 <ShiningSky> "So, what brings you to see me, Assistant Magistrate Folano?"
23:35 <ShiningSky> he leans back in his chair looking at you through slitted eyes
23:36 <Cynis_Folano> "Joumae. Did you know that Ragara Laral has found a hidden cache of First Age artifacts? Or that he plans to sell them to the Guild?"
23:36 <Cynis_Folano> (Note, all Essence spent so far is Personal, there's no Anima showing.)
23:37 <ShiningSky> "I had heard some rumors, but I haven't been able to substantiate anything as of yet."
23:38 <Cynis_Folano> "Fair enough. Did you know that Ragara Laral is a serial rapist?"
23:38 <Cathak_Dejanira> [XD!!!]
23:38 <Cathak_Dejanira> [HE STOLE DEJAS LINE!]
23:39 <Scarlet_Snow> (It's a good line? :) )
23:39 <Scarlet_Snow> (But I think Folano is asking it for a different reason.)
23:41 <ShiningSky> "Again, there are patterns, but nothing he can't explain away. He has the locals on his side through generous trade consessions and he keeps the bandits off their backs, so investigating him is very difficult." He seems annoyed at this lack of cooperation
23:42 <Cathak_Dejanira> *listens in agaisnt the door..steathily!*
23:43 <ShiningSky> "You might want to invite your compatriot inside."
23:43 *** ShiningSky is now known as BrilliantRainST
23:43 <Cynis_Folano> (Rolling Perception+Investigation to try to read whether or not he's hiding the truth beyond the reach of my Charm.)
23:44 <Cynis_Folano> (3 successes)
23:44 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ I said steathily!]
23:44 <BrilliantRainST> (ok, so roll dex+stealth)
23:45 <Cathak_Dejanira> [How do i roll?]
23:45 <Scarlet_Snow> (You roll in the other room.)
23:45 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ How do i roll?]
23:45 <Scarlet_Snow> (In the All Seeing Eye room.)
23:46 <Cathak_Dejanira> [How do i roll?]
23:46 <Scarlet_Snow> (!roll_ww 5 7 ex)
23:46 <Scarlet_Snow> (That will let you roll 5 dice at difficulty 7.)
23:46 <Scarlet_Snow> (But you do it in the other chat room.)
23:46 <Cathak_Dejanira> [But I'd be rolling ten dice right?]
23:46 <Cathak_Dejanira> [cus I have a five in dex and a five in stealth]
23:48 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ 4 succeses!]
23:49 !!! lost connection
23:49 *** The content above is from an old session.
23:49 *** channel mode of #CeruleanLake is +
23:49 *** channel #CeruleanLake was created at 3/27/09 8:36 PM (3 h ago)
23:49 <Cynis_Folano> Whether he detects a lie behind Joumae's words or not, Folano continues. "Very well. This is what's happening: a team has been sent by the All-Seeing Eye. My compatriot and I are just one part of it, and we have infiltrated Laral's manse. My allies are acquiring definite proof of Laral's crimes as we speak, and it is the task of my team to secure the loyalty of the town garrison in anticipation of taking Laral into
23:50 <ShiningSky> (He doesn't seem to be lying, but he is a very composed person.)
23:50 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Did I win?]
23:50 <ShiningSky> (and he doesn't hear the woman outside the room)
23:51 <Cathak_Dejanira> *is one stealthy mutha!*
23:51 <Cynis_Folano> "On the off chance that you have evaded my senses, and are in league with Laral, now would be the time to attempt to kill me. Because if you do not, I will have control of the guards within the next two hours, maximum. And from there Laral's end will not be far off, one way or the other."
23:51 <ShiningSky> though his assistant comes up behind you with a "Harumph"
23:51 <ShiningSky> (you cut off on anticipation of taking Laral into...)
23:51 *** BrilliantRainST ( has quit (Ping timeout)
23:52 *** ShiningSky is now known as BrilliantRainST
23:52 <Cynis_Folano> (into custody)
23:52 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Uhh how about no?]
23:52 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ Don't I get an awareness roll or osmething?]
23:53 <BrilliantRainST> (sure)
23:53 <BrilliantRainST> "I see."
23:54 <BrilliantRainST> "Excellent. You will, I hope, allow me to see the evidence once you gather it?"
23:55 <BrilliantRainST> "Do you expect me to do anything?"
23:56 <Cynis_Folano> "I was rather hoping you'd accompany us to the scene. This is your territory, after all. By rights, you should have dealt with this matter long before the Eye, or other magistrates, were involved. And another set of hands is always helpful when sorcerers are involved."
23:58 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ 3 sux]
00:00 <BrilliantRainST> "My territory is quite large and this town is of little importance to the Realm. I have been repeatedly informed that I cannot investigate a Dynast for raping local girls without some evedence beyond my own intution. Twice I sent a girl in to get his attention. One came back with no memory of being raped and the other 'died in a bandit attack.'"
00:01 <BrilliantRainST> "As for the artifacts, I heard those rumors only recently and only arrived back in town yesterday evening."
00:01 <Cathak_Dejanira> *if she heard someone coming she'd simply step backwards-making he way to find an unlocked door to open and skitter behind, steathily!*
00:02 <BrilliantRainST> (she heard him)
00:02 <Cathak_Dejanira> *does so*
00:02 <BrilliantRainST> The person stands in front of Joumae's door
00:03 <BrilliantRainST> "So far I have not discovered the cache's location, but I have managed to rule out the lake."
00:04 <Cathak_Dejanira> *takes the time to muss her hair in the slighest, schooling her features to appear far more relaxed and with a small smile hovering upon her lips as she opened the door, letting a loud yawn, as she folded her fingers as she streched up to her tip toes "Myaar!...Mn.." she idly brushed her fingers through her hair as she made her way down past the person "Mn..What time is it Sir?"
00:06 <Cynis_Folano> Folano's expression is, of course, unreadable behind his mask. His voice maintains a soft monotone. "I merely wish to impress upon you the nature of our circumstances here, Joumae. That I am here at all, much less as part of an Eye operation, is not a good sign. Regardless, this little drama is soon to reach its climax. By day's end the satrap of Cerulean Lake will be dead or in captivity,
00:06 <BrilliantRainST> "Almost noon, Ma'am."
00:06 <BrilliantRainST> "Good."
00:06 <Cynis_Folano> and I will personally wring every secret of this sordid little endeavor from him. In a few moments, my compatriot and I will go to take control of his troops and await the moment to strike. Are you coming with us?"
00:07 <Cathak_Dejanira> [How does this guy look?]
00:07 <BrilliantRainST> "I would be glad to lend my authority to this endevor."
00:08 <BrilliantRainST> (That guy is actually fairly attractve. He is dressed as a scribe and looks a bit bishy)
00:09 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Bishounens =D!]
00:11 <Cathak_Dejanira> "You're a Scribe correct you wouldn't happen to serve the honorable Ledall Joumae would you?" She queried, flittering her eyelashes prettily, a fairly attractive woman herself and a Dragonblooded to boot, the slighest creak of leather as she made her way towards him. " Noon? Ah! good I was worried it was much later." she was also wondering why a scribe would be lingering at the door of those two..
00:12 <BrilliantRainST> "I am the assistant to Master Joumae, yes." He doesn't seem to be reacting to your flirtations
00:18 <BrilliantRainST> Joumae "However, it might be better if I were to try to discover the location of the artifact cache."
00:18 <Cynis_Folano> "Then we will be waiting downstairs." Folano turned and headed for the door. With a hand on the knob, however, he turned back. "And it is not your authority we need at this point, Ledaal Joumae. Only your sword-arm. Do not forget that."
00:19 <BrilliantRainST> "I see."
00:19 <Cynis_Folano> Folano turned around entirely now. "That will not be necessary."
00:23 <BrilliantRainST> "If you torture him without cause, Assistant Magistrate, you will never become a full Magistrate."
00:27 <Cynis_Folano> "Laral's guilt will not be in question before the day is out, Joumae. I assure you. Only the severity of his punishment."
00:29 <BrilliantRainST> "I hope your associates are as good as you seem to think."
00:29 *** Cathak_Dejanira ( has quit (Ping timeout)
00:29 <Cynis_Folano> "They are more than adequate. Now prepare yourself. I intend to have control of the manse compound by sunset." Folano pushed the door open and began to step out. "I look forward to working with you, Joumae. Your reputation precedes you. It is only the circumstances that I regret."
00:30 <Cynis_Folano> (And it is 1:30 in the morning for me.)
00:30 *** Cathak_Dejanira ( has joined this channel
00:30 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ Did you get my last post?]
00:30 <Cynis_Folano> (No.)
00:30 <Cathak_Dejanira> Gives up then! maybe he liked men then? "Who's in that room?" She queried keeping her hands clasped behind her back, glancing toward's the door and back towards him " I saw you right infront of it earlier..It's a little early know." She said with a more forced giggle.
00:30 <Cathak_Dejanira> * Disconnected
00:31 <BrilliantRainST> "That is the room of my Master who is having a privat conversation Ma'am."
00:32 <BrilliantRainST> As he says that, the door opens and your partner steps out
00:32 <BrilliantRainST> (and with that we will end)

20:08 <BrilliantRainST> Ok, when last we met Dej was at the Inn. I think you were going to talk to the head of the local garisson
20:09 *** Vneef_Vala ( has left this channel (Leaving.)
20:09 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Hmn sure]
20:10 <BrilliantRainST> so what are you doing?
20:11 <Cathak_Dejanira> [I'll go to the local garrison!]
20:12 <Cathak_Dejanira> *goes!*
20:12 <BrilliantRainST> (are you going to take the magistrates with you?)
20:12 <Cathak_Dejanira> [What magisrtates?]
20:13 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ Oh Ledaal...the water aspect guy?]
20:14 <BrilliantRainST> (yeah and Zeal)
20:15 <Cathak_Dejanira> [so we're NPCING him?]
20:16 <BrilliantRainST> (for the moment. I don't se it as a problem since you were supposed to take the lead with the military types
20:16 <BrilliantRainST> )
20:18 <BrilliantRainST> (so, are you bringing them or do you want to deal with the Captain by yourself?)
20:19 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Yes i'm bringing them!]
20:19 *>Xuyiko<* I'll look into it. I think someone else asked first though
20:20 <BrilliantRainST> (ok)
20:20 *>Xuyiko<* sure!
20:21 <BrilliantRainST> You walk through the town to the manse, where the local garrison is headquartered
20:21 <BrilliantRainST> It is glorious to look at, a perfect dome of glistening frost-covered Adamant with four slender towers protruding from it
20:21 <BrilliantRainST> there is a soldier guarding the gate
20:22 <Cathak_Dejanira> [sorry could i get a link to my character sheet again? I didn't favorite it for some reason
20:23 <BrilliantRainST> (np)
20:23 <BrilliantRainST> ( )
20:26 <Cathak_Dejanira> *walks up to the Soldier* " Solider, I need to speak with your commanding officer, These are Magistrates Cynis Folano and Ledaal (whatshisname?), I am Lieutnant Cathak Dejanira of the 1st Cathak Legion, It is imperative I speak to him immeditately." she stated firmly, executing a crisp salute.
20:28 *>Scarlet_Snow<* ...and it has an interesting little aftertaste. Nothing major, just something to make you a bit more... pliable. well, it would if you were mortal anyway.
20:29 <BrilliantRainST> (his name is Joumae)
20:29 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ *nods*]
20:29 *>Scarlet_Snow<* as it is, you aren't affected
20:30 <BrilliantRainST> He returns the salute "Yessir! The Captain is currently leading drills in the yard."
20:31 *Scarlet_Snow* Interesting.
20:31 *Scarlet_Snow* Thanks for the head's up.
20:31 <Cathak_Dejanira> "Thank you Solider." she strode on past! towards the yard!
20:32 <BrilliantRainST> After passing through the gates and the tower's arch, you find yourselves in a courtyard. it looks something like a large rock garden with a massive fountain in the center. There are some troops drilling off on the other side
20:36 <BrilliantRainST> Looking around more fully, you discover that you are actually under the giant adamant shell. There appear to be some upper levels situated higher up in the dome, that can be reached from four staircases situated on the edges of the courtyard.
20:38 *Cathak_Dejanira made her way directly towards the troops drilling, glancing around at the archieture giving an appericative whistle at the adamant shell, as she continued on, she had to speak with the troops first and confirm their loyalty.
20:41 <BrilliantRainST> There are a number of rank and file troops being put through their paces in a sword drill by a seargant shouting orders at them. The Captain is looking on from the side
20:41 *>Vneef_Vala<* ?
20:42 *>Vneef_Vala<* it is, if you want it to be
20:43 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Dramatic Entrance!...should i roll anything?]
20:43 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Well let me post first-...or..something?]
20:45 <BrilliantRainST> (yes, post first, then I can give you bonus dice on your roll)
20:59 *Cathak_Dejanira each step showed both poise,grace and beauty the slighest sway of her hips, how the slighest breeze rippled teasing at her short hair and the heavy train of her coat, idly drawing a hand to brush her hair back behind one ear "Attention!" The Dragonblooded Cathak called,, her shoulder's straight, allowing wispy flames to gather around her " I am Lietunent Cathak Dejanira of the 1st Cathak Legions->
20:59 <Cathak_Dejanira> [how much did you guys see?[
21:00 <Cathak_Dejanira> [did it cut off?]
21:01 *>Scarlet_Snow<* you notice a glint of pleasure in his face before he clouds up rather theatrically. You are pretty sure he did that on purpose
21:01 *Scarlet_Snow* Just As Planned.
21:01 *>Vneef_Vala<* you notice a glint of pleasure in his face before he clouds up rather theatrically.
21:02 <BrilliantRainST> (it got to the ->)
21:02 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Cool!]
21:08 *>Vneef_Vala<* you notice an odd whispering undertone to his words. It makes them feel more powerful somehow
21:08 <Cathak_Dejanira> " Your Training has impressed me, Captain? I request the borrowing of a few of your men, It has come to my attention that their is a correlation between many of the Bandit's activities, and those of the Satrap, I do not wish to pull rank here, But I will if I must, I have with me Magistrate Ledall Joumae and Cynis Folano, to veracify the expecidency of this, For the duration of this I request your >
21:08 <Cathak_Dejanira> assistance in this matter."
21:08 *>Xuyiko<* you notice an odd whispering undertone to his words. It makes them feel more powerful somehow
21:12 <BrilliantRainST> (3 die stunt! roll your cha+presence!)
21:12 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ 5 roll?]
21:12 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ 3 Pres +2 Cha]
21:13 *>Xuyiko<* oh?
21:13 <BrilliantRainST> (and then add three more dice for the stunt)
21:13 <Cathak_Dejanira> [How i roll diz?]
21:14 <Cathak_Dejanira> [so I would roll an 8 ?]
21:14 <BrilliantRainST> (actually, this could be manipulation if you want, since you are trying to get him to do what you want)
21:15 <BrilliantRainST> (you can also use a charm to add more dice if you want)
21:16 <Cathak_Dejanira> [I'm trying to inspire them with my awesomness]
21:16 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Do i have any charms for that?]
21:17 <BrilliantRainST> (you have the first presence excellency, which lets you add dice to a presence roll)
21:17 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Sure lets do that]
21:17 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Oh! yeah i didn't see that]
21:18 <Cathak_Dejanira> [so i'd be rolling nine dice?]
21:18 <Cathak_Dejanira> [how do i roll?]
21:18 <BrilliantRainST> (You could also activate your Glowing Coal Radience charm which surrounds you with a momentary aura of power, that scares and impresses people)
21:19 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Lets do Glowing Coal Radiance?]
21:19 <BrilliantRainST> (ok, do you want to do both?)
21:19 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Can I ?]
21:19 <BrilliantRainST> (sure, but they both cost essence)
21:20 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Do i have enough to do those both and on fire all the time?]
21:21 <BrilliantRainST> (you can add three dice with the excellency for 2 motes and GCR also costs 2 motes. you haven't spent any yet so you have 11 motes you can spend without activating your anima banner)
21:22 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Sweet! lets do that]
21:22 <Cathak_Dejanira> [sooo how much would i roll?
21:23 <BrilliantRainST> (ok, so the roll is manipulation+presence+the stunt+the dice adder, so 4+3+3+3, or 13 dice)
21:24 <BrilliantRainST> (you roll that by going back to the OOC thread and typing !roll_ww 13 7 ex)
21:25 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ 3 sux]
21:25 <Cathak_Dejanira> [That was very disapointing]
21:28 <BrilliantRainST> (yes it was.)
21:28 <BrilliantRainST> (still, you glowed with blinding power for a short period of time, so that counts for something)
21:29 <Cathak_Dejanira> [...That was disapointing]
21:29 <Cathak_Dejanira> [so three succeses weren't enough to do anything?]
21:31 <BrilliantRainST> (sorry, I'm tying it)
21:33 <BrilliantRainST> As you walks up glowing with blinding light, the captain and his men look over at you then avert their eyes from your awesome presence. After the light subsides, they still look dazed and confused. The captain salutes "um... Yes Ma'am. How many men did you want?"
21:34 <Cathak_Dejanira> [How many are present?]
21:35 <BrilliantRainST> (15)
21:39 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Mmnn how many bandits are known?]
21:42 <BrilliantRainST> (it changes depending on the time of year, the shipments, etc. currently the Eye thinks there are two gangs, each with a dozen men)
21:43 <Cathak_Dejanira> " All of your men present, I do not expect a show of force, Our duty is to the Realm, and the discovery of the Bandit's involvment is paramount towards this, It is believed that the satrap uses the Bandit's to kidnap young women, and using his sorcery he erases their minds of his..untoward actions." *She lead them towards the Bandit-woods?*
21:46 <BrilliantRainST> He frowns "Ma'am, I don't wish to gainsay one if your power, but those are serious allegations. Do you have any proof?"
21:49 <Cathak_Dejanira> "I will have Proof by the end of the day, I promise you that."She promised!
21:51 <BrilliantRainST> "And all you wish us to do is hunt bandits?"
21:52 <Cathak_Dejanira> "I have suspscions that the Bandits are in league with the satrap, No..not just suspscion, I'm certain of their connection."
21:53 <BrilliantRainST> "I understand Ma'am, but all we have to do is hunt the bandits?"
21:55 <Cathak_Dejanira> "As of yet? Yes, I won't have you perform any actions agaisnt the satrap until I am 100% certain, For now I need to know everything you know about the bandits as we move to intercept them, Captain?" She questioned inviting him over towards her " I would ask we lay some bait, if possible for the bandits, is a sigifcant amount of pearls harvested to be sent out yet?"
21:57 <BrilliantRainST> "We have a few crates, yes. I can requistion them if you are certain you can protect them."
22:00 <Cathak_Dejanira> "Do you question the tenacity and skill of the Cathak Family line?" The Lietunent questioned, a brow quirking, raising her left hand, making a curious shift of her hand, a flash of crimson wires extending as a passing leaf was bisected.
22:01 <BrilliantRainST> *gulp* "N..No, Maam!"
22:03 <BrilliantRainST> He waves to his men and barks some orders "I'll have those crates here on the double!"
22:06 <Cathak_Dejanira> "Thank you."She smiled delicately "Alright, I'll be accompanying the crate directly, I'll need some volunteers-What is the common guard accompaniment for these crates? we will need that, the rest of you I need to follow at a distance but be prepared to surround the bandits at a moment's notice."
22:10 <BrilliantRainST> "The satrap usually assigns a five man team per crate."
22:11 <Cathak_Dejanira> "
22:12 <Cathak_Dejanira> [How many crates?]
22:12 <Cathak_Dejanira> [2 ?]
22:13 <BrilliantRainST> "Did you want one or two crates?"
22:14 <Cathak_Dejanira> " Do you think they would go after simply one crate?"
22:14 <Cathak_Dejanira> "We would have a greater element of surprise with ten of our soliders sweeping to our aid, instead of simply five."
22:20 <BrilliantRainST> "They might go after just one crate, especially if they see the Satrap isn't there."
22:24 <Cathak_Dejanira> " We'll take that chance, I'll be with the crate, I won't leave you outnumbered like this, the rest of you." She said with a shift of her hand encompassing "Follow along out of sight, we may need you all to circle around and box in the bandits, Our main goal is to get information out of them, if I can get what I need of them..Perhaps we don't need to slaughter them all.-Let's move!" and they would
22:26 <BrilliantRainST> (cuts off at ...and they would)
22:28 <BrilliantRainST> "Yes sir!"
22:28 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Oh thats iet]
22:29 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Okay we're walking along Dejanira's in the front, other four dudes in the back, the rest of the army trying to be sneaky....?]
22:30 <BrilliantRainST> ok
22:31 <Cathak_Dejanira> *walking-walking-walking*
22:32 <BrilliantRainST> It takes you only a few minutes to cross the town and reach the forest
22:33 <Cathak_Dejanira> *walking walking walking?*
22:33 <BrilliantRainST> It is an old forest, possibly more of a jungle. It is wild and a bit spooky. You can see why they have bandit problems.
22:33 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Oh can i put the magistrate's with the 'rescue' group?]
22:35 <BrilliantRainST> (sure)
22:37 <BrilliantRainST> after about half an hour of walking, a person fades out of the forest "We are siesing this crate! If you know what's good for ya, you'll just let us have it. I've got twenty guys with bows ready to shoot you if you move."
22:39 <Cathak_Dejanira> " I have a propostion for you." The Dragonblooded continued, not moving, and glancing towards those beside her, hoping to give the time to her remaining forces about 13 men strong and two dragonblooded among the defense, and herself, shaking out her hands as she settled them low to the ground "I seek to usurp the Satrap's posistion, I am willing to negioiate if you will answer a question honestly?"
22:42 <BrilliantRainST> "....I'm listen'in"
22:47 <Cathak_Dejanira> "Did you steal young women for him?" She questioned delicately, her h ands resting upon her hips. " I'll need you to come with me, I promise the saftey of your men if you comply." She hoped at this point her forces had done the intelligent thing and flanked the archers, she was confident she could defend the mortals around her.
22:51 <BrilliantRainST> (make a perception+awareness roll)
22:53 <BrilliantRainST> (!roll_ww 6 7 ex)
22:55 <Cathak_Dejanira> [4 sux]
22:56 <BrilliantRainST> you can hear a fain rusling in the woods to the sides, as well as a few 'oofs'
22:56 <Cathak_Dejanira> [How much perhperial essence do i have if i used Coal Radiance and my 1st presence excellency?]
22:57 <BrilliantRainST> "Hey! we might be theives, but we do have some pride. we don't steal no girls."
22:58 <BrilliantRainST> (personal is the essence that doesn't add to your anima, preheperal does. you used 4 personal essence before)
23:01 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ Okay I want to do what i did last time, again to try to scare him let me post]
23:01 <BrilliantRainST> (ok, that sounds good. are you going to stunt this?)
23:03 <Cathak_Dejanira> "The Pride of a Thief?" She questioned, hearing the rustling and oof's, so they had worked-good. her head tilting to the side slightly as she tapped her chin "The Pride of those who steal other's hardwon labor, who attack from the shadows? I'll ask you again.." The slender woman's coat billowed as her eyes glowed with crimson flames "Do you serve the Satrap in any form? Tell me now, so I might be able to save you?"
23:08 <BrilliantRainST> (nice. +2 stunt! so you get to roll 12 dice)
23:09 <Cathak_Dejanira> [ 5 sux]
23:11 <BrilliantRainST> The bandit freaks out "A Dragonbitch?!?!? Men, shoot! Now!" and he tries to run. There is a distinct lack of a hail of arrows
23:16 <Cathak_Dejanira> "Do you think a chosen of Heisesh would throw her life away?, I am Cathak Dejanira, You. Will. Not. Escape." She enucniated carefully, as she took a delicate step forward, swinging her arms to form an X, her hands tensing, as the crimson glint arranged itself upon wires " Tell me the ~truth~ You are surrounded by the legionares of Cerulean Lake."
23:18 <BrilliantRainST> (are you going to grab him with your wires?)
23:18 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Yes?]
23:18 <Cathak_Dejanira> [can I do a non damaging clinch?]
23:19 <BrilliantRainST> (you just want to hold him? sure.)
23:19 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Killing him wont help]
23:22 <BrilliantRainST> (I'll give you a +2 stunt on the roll. so you get to roll 14 dice)
23:25 <Cathak_Dejanira> [Yay!]
23:26 <Cathak_Dejanira> [6 sux and a ten]
23:27 <BrilliantRainST> (so 8 total)
23:27 <BrilliantRainST> yeah you catch him
23:28 <BrilliantRainST> Your wires flash out, surrounding the thief in a tangle of red strings. the theif gulps audibly
23:29 <Scarlet_Snow> (Nicely played, Dejanira!)
23:37 <Cathak_Dejanira> " The Truth, That is all I Desire."
23:37 <BrilliantRainST> "......."
23:39 <BrilliantRainST> "He payed us! He gave us times and shipping manesfests and told his men that they should surender if they were out numbered. He wanted us to act like we had kiddnapped girls."
23:40 <BrilliantRainST> "But we never actually did it. He would give us a girl and tell us to hold her so he could swoop in and rescure her!"
23:41 <BrilliantRainST> "We're just theives! We aren't bad men!"
23:41 <Cathak_Dejanira> "What did he pay you for?" She questioned, quirking a brow, He still betrayed the Realm, as far as she was concerned, the strands did not lessen. "WHy did he give you those shipping manifests and times?"
23:43 <BrilliantRainST> "He wanted us to take the fall for the girls! They would vanish and after a while he would bring them to us, then stage a big rescue!"
23:46 <Cathak_Dejanira> "Do you know the circumstances surrounding these women at all?" She questioned, yet the thief could feel the wires slowly loosening "Will you accompany me back to Cerulean Lake and make your case You are under my protection for as long as you serve the realm." She stated with definate assurance.
23:49 <BrilliantRainST> "I don't know what he did with 'em. I never wanted to know! I'll do anything you want!"
23:50 <Cathak_Dejanira> "Tell the Truth, It'll be enough evidence I believe to corroborate his crime,s at the very least-of betraying Cerulean Lake, Come with me. I will make sure you are unharmed ."
23:52 <BrilliantRainST> "Yes! Anything you want!"
23:55 <Cathak_Dejanira> *would gesture for the two soliders accompanying her to take him into custody as she released him from her wires, as they slithered back to reel back within her gauntlets they sliced a narrow trench of earth and grass "We return immeditately, Form up full Squardon." She announced turning sharply upon her heels and she marched rather victoriously back to Cerulean lake.
00:09 <BrilliantRainST> (and with that, I think we can call this done for tonight)