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The age before the primordial war. Note this also has ideas for how first age lunars were.

For convenience sake normal charm trees will be used except for listed exceptions. Starting with basic rules changes.

MA: The only supernatural martial art in existence is Violet Bier of Sorrows which is a gift from the Maidens to the Sidereals. You want to learn martial arts you see them or take snake style which was adapted from Dragon King fighting techniques.

No sorcery. None.

Creation is 8 times larger then in the core book. The south has less desert in the parts where the book shows desert, its just not that close to the Fire pole. The plains of the west stretch much farther. There are many more islands in the west and the glaciers of the north are pushed back.

Order exalts started appearing in creation. Blooded. LunarsBogMod/Sidereals. Solars.

Lunars have 5 castes. Full Moons and No Moons are the same. No Moons anima instead works on combo’s instead of sorcery and is changed by Luna later. Waxing moons use the normal changing moon favoured attributes and changing moon anima power. Half-moons have charisma, intelligence and manipulation. For any roll involving tactics the lunar may spend a mote and buy a success at one for one up to the lunar’s essence. Waning moons have charisma, manipulation and dexterity. For 10 motes they can make one free shape shift a round for one scene.

Furthermore the lunars were still divided caste wise into aspects of war. Full Moons are the champions and shock troops of the exalted. Waning Moons were more unit captains, found in charge of squads of terrestials. The inspiring captain they can respect and turn to. Half Moons were generals, advising and helping to plan and run wars for the Dawn Caste. Waning moons were the scouts and spies of an army. The No Moons were still lore keepers and sorcerers. Using mystic might to augment an armies power with both offensive magic and with knowledge that needs a different touch from the Waning Moon’s castes.

Lunars need not tattoos. They make a short trip to the wyld and perform a vision quest for the caste they are meant to be. All lunars have a natural resistance to the wyld and can make a stamina roll each day to avoid any influence of the wyld. For a number of days equal to their essence they automatically succeed.

Instead of having to take survival as a favoured skill a lunar must take one of the 5 combat skills as favoured. She then chooses 4 others as normal.. They may also take one favoured attribute in addition to the 3 they start with.

Dragon-blooded are all such closely related to the dragons their blood is not thinned in any way. All of them are considered to have 5 breeding and even children born of a mix of DB and mortal will have this for many generations to come. This costs no background points. Each aspect is just found so far in their direction.

Solars are unchanged aside from visions from the Unconquered Sun being far more direct and educational.

Sidereals have no bureau yet. No exalt is allowed in Yu-Shan, orders from the gods delivered in person. Prayers direct to the maidens who at this stage run the loom in person for astrology. Something too big they will just say "No. Don't make us warn you again."

Sidereal zero age astrology rules will come later.

Aside from a few escaped human tribes the Dragon Kings rule creation. They have massive cities everyone but the Blessed Isle where the gods live. Technology for humans is very low. No metal working yet. Primitive and nomadic are the people. Some of them are smart from education given as slaves, some are ex-gladiators, others are just lost. But they all have potential to grow quickly into something more with help.

Dragon King technology is at a high point. Plants and crystal tech is used in everything. Most of their buildings are plants right now, mixed in with crystals. They faithfully follow and worship the Unconquered Sun much as they describe in Ruins of Rathess. So this is a very bloody worship.

Fae tend to either mimic dragon kings or be dino-riding humans. They rarely ride or attack Creation as a whole. The might of the primordials is more then they can hope to best so they just lurk on the edges, playing with Dragon Kings and humans when they can.

The Gods are either found on the Blessed Isle which is god only territory, or around creation up to something. The Primordials live in Yu-Shan though of them only Autocthon really gets out. Of the gods only the Maidens really are permitted in Yu-Shan and that is so that they can run the Loom of Fate. The others are fine with this, pleased to just play the Games of Divinity.

Some Creation Rules:

Solars are made as normal. In regards to backgrounds: Allies as normal given the setting. Gods, unique creatures, dragon-kings or even fae all make good allies. Artifacts at this stage are either dragon king stolen or a gift from some god. Pretty rare. There are no human organizations yet so no backing. Contacts, Familiar, Followers as normal. Resources isn’t appropriate. Solars can start with manses, it being assumed they are sharing one with a god. Influence is also inappropriate.

Still Working on this, but comments appreciated.