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Name: Varana Su
Aspect: Earth
Motivation: Reach a higher plane of conciousness.
Concept: Meditive Elder
House: None
Anima: A swirling ring of stone that whirls faster and faster as more is spent.
XP Left/Spent: 0/850

•••, Charisma •••, Perception •••••
Dexterity •••••, Manipulation ••, Intelligence •••
Stamina •••••, Appearance ••, Wits ••

Athletics •••••, <b>Awareness
•••••, Bureaucracy •, Craft ••••, Lore ••••, Integrity •••••, Investigation •••(Against Lies +1), Linguistics •, Martial Arts •••••(Meditation +2), Medicine •••••, Occult •••••, Performance •, Presence ••••, Resitance •••••, Sail ••, Socialize ••, Stealth ••, Survival •••••, War ••

Artifact •••
Influence ••

•••, Conviction ••, Temperance •••••, Valor ••
Willpower •••••••
Essence •••••
Personal 12
Peripheral 35

Health Levels 0*1, -1*5,-2*5, -4*1, Incapacitated

First Awareness Excellency(1m/die), First Martial Arts Excellency(1m/die), First Survival Excellency(1m/die), Second Resistance Excellency(2m/success), Second Medicine Excellency(2m/success), Second Integrity Excellency(2m/success), First Sail Excellency(1m/die), First Craft Excellency(1m/die), First Lore Excellency(1m/die), First Athletics Excellency(1m/die)
Athletics: Effortlessly Rising Flame(1m)
Awareness: All-Encompassing Earth Sense(2m), Feeling the Dragon's Bones(2m), Entombed Mind Technique(5m), Sense-Riding Technique(5m)
Craft: Shaping Hand Style(2m)
Integrity: Unsleepig Earth Meditation(1m), Untiring Earth Meditation(5m, 1wp), Oath of the Ten-Throusand Dragons, Granite Curtain of Serenity(5m, 1wp), Inviolate Dragon Spirit(10m, 1wp), Chaos-Warding Prana(5m, 1wp)
Investigation: Scent-of-Crime Method(2m), Falsehood Unearthing Attitude(5m, 1wp)
Lore: Elemental Concentration Trance(5m, 1wp), Eternal Mind Meditation(2m, 1wp), Elemental Succor Method(5m + 1wp/hl or 2m/hl)
Martial Arts: Currents Sweep to Sea(1m), Pounding Surfe Style(3m), Flow From the Rocks(2m), Terrestial Hero Form(5m), Riptide Method(1m/attack), Drowning Embrace(1m, 1wp), Trireme Strikes the Rocks(3m), Water Style Formulation
Medicine: Infection-Banishing Prana(1m), Disease-Banishing Technique(4m, 1wp), Wound-Closing Touch(2m/hl +1wp)
Occult: Fivefold Resonance Sense(2m), Seeing the Maker's Hand(4m), Spirit-Detecting Mirror Technique(5m), Spirit-Chaining Strike(3m, 1wp), Spirit-Shredding Attack(4m)
Presence: Glowing Coal Radiance(2m)
Resistance: Ox-Body Technique*3, Strength of Stone Technique(2m/person), Impervious Skin of Stone Meditation(1m/2b&2L soak), Uneating Earth Meditation(2m), Unbreathing Earth Meditation(2m), Unfeeling Earth Meditation(5m, 1wp)
Stealth: Feeling-the-Air Technique(3m)



<b>Join Battle
700, Soak 5B/2L/0A, Dodge DV 10/2, Mobility Penalty 0, Fatigue 0
Punch: Speed 5, Accuracy 11, Damage 3B, Parry DV 12/2, Rate 3, Tags N
Kick: Speed 5, Accuracy 10, Damage 6B, Parry DV 8/2, Rate 2, Tags N
Clinch: Speed 6, Accuracy 10, Damage 3B, Parry DV -, Rate 1, Tags C, N, P

Social Combat</b>
<b>Join Debate
7, Mental Dodge DV 17/2
Presence: Speed 4, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 2
Performance: Speed 6, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 1
Investigation: Speed 5, Accuracy , Parry , Rate 2

Other Dragonblooded, Her Meditations, Truth, Darandris' people

A short stocky woman in a dusty grey martial arts gi in desperate need of repair. Her hair is trimmed short and her skin has an almost grey gravel look to it. She is most often found sitting with crossed legs deep in meditation often never stirring for days. Beside her is an immaculately kept set of artifacts. A gleaming white jade reinforced breastplate, black jade hearthstone bracers and white jade short sword.

Su was a simple weaver when she exalted. Taken under the wing of one of the older Dragonblooded alive in the Darandris region she quickly grew to be known as completely unswayable and impartial person to be consulted in for matters both legal and for general disputes between people. After her first century she tired of such things and retreated to Pasian and then to the great desmense there where she spends her days meditating quietly and blocking out the world, ever trying to achieve a higher level of enlightenment. People all over Darandris whisper of strange powers she holds and that by her hand they are protected from storm and monster. Though she has had nothing to do with any of this or even know about it her retreat from worldly affairs has created a small degree of a personality cult around her.

<b>Familial Descent</b>
No one of fame or import.

<b>Plot Hooks</b>