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The place that would become Luminair sprung into being during the Time of Cascading Years in the First Age. A younger lunar sorceress of the No Moon caste found herself in a valley. There was food in the trees and the plants, fish in the lake as well as clear water to drink. The land was cloaked in an eternal night but for strange crystals that grew from the ground and the passage of the moon in the night sky. It was the passage of Luna that troubled her. It followed no set path and it would change phases seemingly at whim. She could not fly out for she always found herself back. Following the paths that lead out from the valley did the same. She never gave up though and she found that following certain paths seemed to order the moon's passage. Further following the paths in a certain order caused a manse to start to form stone by stone on the lake. Slowly she mastered the pattern and walked the paths 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times, so many times she lost count but eventually the moon followed a proper path, with the normal changing of the phases and a powerful manse had been built. It was then that she restored Creation to its proper order and the Time of Cascading Years ended.

The valley though did not return quite like how some places did. Instead it remained both part of and apart from Creation. One could only reach it by walking the secret paths. Failure to do so perfectly lead one to a normal valley. The Lunar, who decided this place was holy to Luna, gathered some followers and founded a town there. She kept it secret from all but a few of her personal pack. The town was quiet, peaceful, respectful of the Lunar exalted and worshippers of Luna. When the Ursupation came no armies of Dragonblooded came for they never knew of the place. It was likewise hidden from the eyes of Sidereals. When the Lunars learned how the Sidereals had been tracking them they also learned a safe way to return here. Using charms such as Flickering Star Infusion they could seem to be other creatures and so slip past the watchful eyes of the Sidereals and follow the paths. In this way did the city continue to receive periodic guidance and visits from the Lunar Exalted.

The Great Contagion did have an effect on the place but no where near what the other lands suffered. Perhaps there was a touch of Wyld energy to the place or some favor of Luna who knows. Regardless only a few suffered and died of that plague while most survived it. Centuries have passed and they continued to receive occasional visits from the Stewards but mostly they continued quiet and peaceful lives as the world changed outside.

City Description

The city is home to around 30,000 souls. It remains a land of eternal night but that is not so bad. The valley has many glowing crystals that grow from the earth and are harvested to provide free lighting in buildings and the city. The night sky also in the evening is filled with the light of Luna in her passage through the sky. Most of the city is built on the eastern edge of the lake near to a marble walkway that leads to a great manse in the lakes center. The homes are made of white, blue or black stone and the streets are paved. Because there is little want of the people and the city even has some first age magical infrastructure available to it homes are often spacious, with a few silver flowers growing near the front door. The land around has both green open lands and forests, leading to hills. Some light mining yields the mundane materials they need and food has remained plentiful.


With no real outside influx in centuries the people remain of one type really. They favor clothes of blues, whites, blacks and silvers. They dress in comfortable styles as their lives are not hard. They have a city guard mostly for show. They people are friendly, respectful, studious and worshipful. Years living in this strange land has changed them some. Most people have hair that is dark but blues a little at the tips. A few manage hair of all blue and a rare few are white but with their hair going blue at the tip. They speak Old realm fluently and the children are given chances at education few people in the Second Age can hope for.