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The Twilight Hunter is a great tiger about the size of a Simhata or Warhorse. Its body is colored in gold for its fur, silver for its stripes and white like ivory or marble for its underbelly. The great beast is smarter then normal to. In fact by human standards its downright intelligent. It is regal and proud, a hunter of excellence, a tireless steed. It was created in the middle First Age through uses of Solar Circle Sorcery and the Genesis Crafts to create a worthy companion and steed for a Solar who's kingdom lay far in the east.

He died defending his master to the bitter end. The Sidereals burried his remains along with some of the Solar's artifacts in a tomb near his ancestral home and left him there as bones for all time. In the intervening ages though the tomb fell into disrepair and was damaged by the Fair Folk invasion. After then a barbarian tribe set up a village near the ruins in the jungle and made offerings to the bones of the great Tiger God as they saw the remains. There he remains waiting for his master to restore him to life.

While its size is impressive indeed it has powers beyond the visable ones due to its size. Its foremost power is that it can step between worlds. This power is most often used in combat where it can do so to move away from danger rather easily or ambush from behind or the like. It is also a fantastic hunter. It stalks prey as if it were using Unshakeable Bloodhound Technique and moves with almost perfect silence without impeding its speed at all(+5 difficulty to any attempt to hear the beast if it is trying to be quiet).

Familiar •••••
Strength 9, Dexterity 5, Stamina 8, Perception 6, Intelligence 4, Wits 4, Charisma 5, Manipulation 1, Appearance 5

Athletics 5, Awareness 5, Dodge 5(Special), Integrity 3, Linguistics 1(Old Realm), Lore 3(First Age +3), Martial Arts 5(Claws +2, Bite +1), Presence 4, Resitance 4, Stealth 5, Survival 5

Essence 5, Willpower 8, Health Levels 0*1, -1*4, -2*4, -4*1, Incapacitated

After any attempted dodge the Twilight Hunter can step between worlds and appear anywhere within Wits+Dodge yards. It may also make one of these teleports as its move action in a turn on top of any normal move it might want to make. Also as a function of this power its Dodge DV is always an applicable form of defense. Any character riding the Twilight Hunter benifits from this power and this DV as well. Actions do not reduce its DV.

Dodge DV is 8. Soak is 8B/8L/0A.

Bite: Speed 5, Accuracy 13, Damage 13L, Defense -, Rate 1
Claws: Speed 5, Accuracy 14, Damage 11L, Defense -, Rate 3