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Lu Zhin

The Charmer - With womanizer as an intimacy and Charisma/Presence 5 you know he has to be.
Gentleman Adventurer - With all his money and powers he still loves to zoom around on his cloud doing exciting things.
Hot Dad - Well soon enough he will be. What sort of dad he will be aside from Hot we will have to see but probably surely going to be some elements of Pervert Dad.
A Lady on Each Arm - Has shown up to several parties this way.
Millionaire Playboy - Most definitely.
Walking Shirtless Scene - Usually if you find him training. He does have some killer abs.
Ethical Slut - Pretty much the law for anyone from the Realm.
Handsome Lech - Yeah a few of these sorts keep popping up.
Action Girlfriend - He has a few of these.
Ninja - Sure he uses a spear, and sure he loves being the focus of attention but damnit he is a Night Caste and has all the right charms. He is a ninja whenever he wants to be.
Person of Mass Destruction - Its what the Exalted were made to be.
Proud Warrior Race Guy - Well pride definitively and he has definite very not normal western culture views on the glory of warfare and such. Still its more a proud culture thing.
Always Second Best - More a self belief than anything serious though.
The Hero - Bounces between this and...
The Lancer - When he isn't being the Hero.
Fragile Speedster - Fast and defensive but not able to dish it out like some can.
Magic Knight - He is a sorcerer and has made his own magic artifacts.
One Man Army - Solar Exalt, its what they do.
Achilles Heal - Day Castes...

Joyous Sky


Sesus Viola/Linarra

Red Oni Blue Oni - Ok, twins with one having fire powers(Viola) and the other having water powers(Linarra)? Yeah...
Lady of War - Linarra is this.
Amazon Brigade - With Linarra, Viola, Mina and Lana.
Twincest - Law according to the Realm I am sure.
Twin Threesome Fantasy - See above.
Wonder Twin Powers - Dragonblooded do get bonuses for working together and then there is their martial art.


Laughing Latrani