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Name: The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change- Unshaped Raksha Heart Grace: 5 Cup Grace: 2 Ring Grace: 4 Staff Grace: 3 Sword Grace: 6

The Winds of Change takes the form of a great swirling cyclone of air, comprised of hundreds of different colours. Beneath the column of air is a field of snow and ice - also rainbow hued.

Heart Emanation (Ruling Emanation) Imperative: Become a Primordial. The Emperor of Light is the driving force between the Winds of Change, fueling the goal of "trancendence" into a Primordial. He treats Rhea as his somewhere between his consort Queen and his concubine, lavishing a great deal of time and resources on the shaped woman but expecting some degree of fealty in return. His form is a truely impressive throne room with himself there. It is all him, the throne, the wise emperor on it, the pillars and glass and carpets.

Cup Emanation- (Ornamental Raksha) Imperative: To build the trust of others in the wyld and itself. Nimbus Dancer is the newest and weakest of the emanations, she has never known an existence without Rhea and delights in playing the role of a devoted and loving wife. She takes the form of a woman of exceeding beauty, the beyond idealized image of the perfect woman for Rhea. There is also a home with a white picket fence, and all the trappings of the perfect home from the 50s or 60s.

Ring Emanation- (Artisan) Imperative: Become the Heart Grace and to move through the shinma Nirakara. The Ice Carver is an artist who's medium is the frozen rainbow hued gossamer of the ice fields. He is frustrated at how his creations seem to be so fleeting and longs for something more lasting. in Rhea he sees a muse who's inspired him to create more than mere servants but something wonderous to share with the land of shape once he knows what it is. He is always attended by vast numbers of followers who carry all the implements of his craft in case inspiration strikes him.

Staff Emanation- (Imperial Raksha) Imperative: To walk free in Creation or the Wyld without restraint. The Dutchess is the realist, she believes in the Emperor's vision but doubts the Exalted would allow a new Primordial to roam free. Unlike the Razor Toothed Wind she very much trusts and cares for Rhea and might be willing to make exceptions for other Creation born too. Almost mothering. Quite imperial. Has her own court of halls made of rainbow pearl. Because of a conflict some time ago with the Ice Carver the Dutchess makes no servants and is alone in her halls.

Sword Emanation- (Anarch) Imperative: Make all bow to the wind. The Razor Toothed Wind is the voice of protest, while he shares the Emperor's desire to be something greater it distrusts the Lunar Exalted and views his bride as little more than an object of lust and delights in snatching her away from his fellows. It tends not to take a human shape, and tends to shape things so that it has spoken rather then actually speaking. Fickle creature with moods that wax strong one way then change to another. It knows no fear and all the other emanations but for the Heart avoid it when they can.